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Grooming Tips For Metrosexual Men

men Grooming tips

men Grooming tipsMen, like women, have now begun taking care of their skin, as the cold winter is turning out to be harsh for their bodies. Natalie Semchyshyn, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at Saint Louis University, said that contrary to the popular belief men’s skin is more sensitive, as their skin loses moisture faster, is more prone to dryness and doesn’t exfoliate as much.

For oily skin, Semchyshyn recommends using a cleanser with glycolic or salicylic acid, as these help exfoliate and balance the skin. Winter can be ruthless on the skin, more so if you shower multiple times a day, says Semchyshyn, it’s important to moisturize the skin and use a cleanser that doesn’t dry your skin. She said that using a product that has natural oatmeal will moisturize and soothe sensitive skin, asserting moisturizers with glycolic or lactic acid in it will keep the skin hydrated and also exfoliate. -Timesofindia.indiatimes

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