Top Reasons To Fall In Love With Hawaii’s Surf Scene

Hawaii's Surf Scene

Hawaiian islands – home of swaying palm trees, clear waters and… a mechanical wave park with manmade beaches?

Apparently all the naturally beautiful surf in Hawaii wasn’t good enough since the Aloha State is welcoming The Endless Summer Resort, a 400-unit resort and water park.

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Billabong Pipeline Masters

We’re not quite sure how we feel about it, but since we have a few years before the resort is expected to open (it’s scheduled for summer of 2017), we thought we’d turn our attention to Hawaii’s pre-existing beauty and fall in love with surfing all over again.

Below, 12 gorgeous, Mother Nature-approved surf spots. Whether you’re a lifelong surfer or a happy spectator, we have a feeling nothing can compare to the real thing.

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1. Waikiki, South Shore of Oahu

In one of the busiest beach towns in the country, Waikiki is visually amazing: a city skyline, crystal clear waters, tourist-watching, and, of course, iconic Diamond Head:

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2. Peahi (a.k.a., Jaws), North Shore of Maui

Mother Nature isn’t playing around here: Jaws got its nickname for being as unpredictable as a shark attack.

3. Sunset Beach, North Shore of Oahu

In the summer, it’s a calm and cradling swimming hole sprinkled with a few playful waves. In the winter, it turns into magnificent rows of terrifying perfection:

4. Diamond Head, South Shore of Oahu

Just a short drive from the hustle of Waikiki, Diamond Head is a little hard to paddle out to, but the view is so worth it:

5. Pipeline, North Shore of Oahu

At the world’s most photographed wave, you’ll have to earn your spot in the lineup. Thankfully, watching from the shore is awesome enough:

6. Hanalei Bay, North Shore of Kauai

When you’re facing the shore at this Garden Isle surf spot, you’ll have 180 degrees of green mountains and pure magic:

7. Chuns Reef, North Shore of Oahu

This is one of the more playful (read: less terrifying) waves during Oahu’s famed winter season, with surf best served during the sunset hour:

8. Sandy Beach, South Shore of Oahu

When the suns out, the sand is warm, and the swell is just right, you get waves fit for a president (literally):

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9. Pounders Beach, East Side of Oahu

The unforgiving shore break gave Pounders its name, but when you’re looking out over tropical perfection, the pounding doesn’t seem so bad:

10. Laniakea Beach, North Shore of Oahu

At Laniakea — which means “immense heavens” in Hawaiian — tourists usually come to see the turtles. Surfers come to play with them:

11. Honolua Bay, Northwest Shore of Maui

As the saying goes, “Maui no ka oi,” or Maui, it’s the best. One surf sesh at Honolua Bay, and you’ll get why:

12. Waimea Bay, North Shore of Oahu

When it’s winter and the waves are bone-crushingly big at this legendary surf spot, you should probably stick to sightseeing, unless your name is Kelly Slater.

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