Mens Fashion Trend 2010

 Mens Fashion Trend 2010

mens fashion trend 2010Fashion trends change every season, including in menswear. The men fashion trends depend not only on the kind of social circle we belong to, but also on the environment we live in and the climate. But being fashionable does not mean that we have to buy all the designers stuff.

Introducing 2010 fashion trends. Classically inspired by past but with a serious infusion of the sex and skin, this is what we’ll be wearing in 2010.

You can certainly see inspiration from the past along with a certain newness that is very refreshing and appealing.from the simple polo shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets to jeans to suits, they are all inspired from past.

If we talk about the suiting checks n bold lines are again back in suiting jackets , shirts even on tie. In 2010 cardigans are again a part of mens wardrobe  which have been populer for a last few seasons.

One current trend among young fashionist are skinny jeans in different colors n washes it was in fashion in late 70’s. Now a days youngster casually prefer to wear screen printed T-shirt with funny slogans, faces n random english words.

Most attractive  fashion trend of 2010 is change in the shape n color of sunglassses..Ray-ban aviators n waffers (square shape sunglasses) are back. now a days you can found waffer easily in market. Best part of these sunglasses are that you can wear them on suiting or casually.

How can we forget the shoes. With suiting, pointed leather shoes with laces are in trend now a days with casual clothing like jeans or shorts sneaker. or sandals is more preferable with different funky colors.

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