Nail Polish for Men

 Nail Polish for Men

Nail Polish for MenThinking that nail polish for men sounds strange? Really? I guess no more, because now, nail polish is getting as popular for men as nail polish for women. However, in trends for nail polish for men, the shades of nail polish are so far limited and a certain look is needed to carry a good look with nail polish for men.

Earlier, this trend of nail polish for men started from punks and rock stars who wore nail polish particularly in black color to compliment there look with shiny leather jackets, studs, chains, metal bracelets etc. But now, nail polish for men has become a regular fashion trend and many cosmetic companies are coming up with special nail polish kits and colors of nail polish for men.

Black Nail Polish for Men

Black is so far the most popular color in nail polish for men. It is the top favorite nail polish colors for men and it is the most loved nail polish color for the punk and rock star look too. Black nail polish looks great when applied on toes and worn with chappals in summer season.

Dark Maroon Nail Polish for Men

Black is a very basic color of nail polish for men. Now, the ones who intend to deviate a bit more from it are opting for maroon. Maroon nail polish looks stylish and sexy too and ideal for the ultimate party look. Also, maroon nail polish looks great with lots of rings and bracelets too in nail polish for men shades.

Dark Blue Nail Polish for Men

Dark blue is the nail polish for men who prefer a funky but not over the top look. It looks great with bright colored clothes and dark blue nail polish color gives a very urbanized and sexy look. Dark blue nail polish for men looks great on toes as well as on hands.

Bright Orange Nail Polish for Men

Bright orange is the most wanted summer shade in nail polish for men. It is ideal to team up with funky colored flip flops like bright green, orange etc. Moreover, it is that color of nail polish which you can team up with your girl friend too and enjoy similar fashions look with the same nail polish. So, do try orange nail polish for men in the upcoming summer season of 2012.

So, be a spot and try out the nail polish for men trend and get the funkiest and sexiest look which is totally new and different from all others. Get all your favorite nail polish colors and create your own look with them.

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