10 ways to save Money on Monthly home Expenses During Quarantine

 10 ways to save Money on Monthly home Expenses During Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in different ways and lost income is one of the most difficult to deal with. Luckily, quarantine also means more ways to save money for many of us, too — whether it’s from less gas consumption while we work from home, or just because we’re less likely to eat out.

But if you’re like me, maybe you’ve been thinking about how to save more money during these uncertain times. I’ve got you covered. Here are 10 ways you can start saving money around the house right now.

1-Don’t buy bottled water

Bottled water seems cheap, but it gets expensive fast. Settle for a filter, and you can use tap water. It’s cheaper over time, and it’s better for the environment, too.

2-Make your own coffee

It seems obvious, but those daily Americanos can easily take a chunk out of your bank account. Use a coffee maker or French press for coffee instead.

3-Be selective about organic foods:

Organic food can be pricey, and ethically grown meat is even more expensive. So get the most problematic products organic to avoid pesticides and hormones, and get the standard fare for the rest of your grocery list.

4 Hang-dry your clothes-

My wife and I are trying to occupy our quarantine time with exercise as much as possible, and that means a lot more laundry than usual. Save energy by hang-drying it. (Besides, no one will notice your slightly wrinkled shirt.)

5-Switch credit cards:

If you spend a lot of money at Whole Foods or on travel, consider specific credit cards that will offer the best rewards for your current spending habits.

6-Unsubscribe from services

While you’re thinking about bills, check which services you’re subscribed to — whether that’s streamers like Netflix or other services like fitness apps. If you haven’t used one in a month, cancel it. You can always restart it in a few minutes if you change your mind.

7-Go outside

Not to sound like a dad from the ’90s, but go outside! It’s a free way to mix up the day, get some exercise and remind yourself that your bedroom is not the whole world

8-Start a garden:

While you’re outside, think about starting a garden. If you have a backyard, you can avoid many of the upfront costs of a raised bed and simply get seeds to plant in the ground. You can get plenty of seeds for less than $20, and that will translate into much more than $20 worth of food over the following months.

9- Switch fan direction:

Most ceiling fans have a small switch on them that changes the direction they spin. In the summer, run the fan counter-clockwise so it blows air down on you. This can help avoid the need for more air conditioning.

10-Use energy efficient bulbs:

LED bulbs cost more to buy, but in the longterm, they do cut down on electricity costs. As bulbs burn out in your house, make the switch.

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