“I’ve Reached My Goal Weight of Don’t F****** Care” Kourtney Kardashian Slams Body-Shaming Trolls

 “I’ve Reached My Goal Weight of Don’t F****** Care” Kourtney Kardashian Slams Body-Shaming Trolls


Kourtney Kardashian recently slammed cruel body-shaming trolls about her weight gain after giving birth to her fourth child, Rocky Thirteen Barker. Apart from Rocky, who was born to the reality star on November 1, 2023, Kardashian is a mother to two sons and one daughter.

The 44-year-old reality star took to her Instagram to share a powerful statement, hitting back at trolls who took a dig at her appearance. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared a vintage-style poster on the social media platform alongside a caption that read: “I’ve finally reached my goal weight of don’t f****** care. My body is the least interesting thing about me.”

Kourtney’s business page, Poosh, also shared the post, captioning it simply: “Mood.” Fans heaped praise on her for sharing the insightful picture. One fan commented, “Please please please— let’s help our daughters and granddaughters get here too.”

Another chimed in, adding, “Learning not to care and to find my body beautiful at any size is the thing I’m most proud of!!” A third gushed, “What a legend for posting this.” Kourtney is known for promoting body positivity.

Earlier this year, she took to social media with a message for new mothers, saying: “Dear new mommies, your body is beautiful at all stages.” The response to her recent post has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans and followers expressing their admiration for her bold stance and her advocacy for body positivity.

Kourtney’s candidness about her body and the changes it undergoes has resonated with many, especially new mothers who face similar challenges. Her message underscores the importance of self-acceptance and rejecting societal pressures to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. The reality star’s defiant attitude toward body shaming serves as an inspiration to her followers and highlights a growing movement towards embracing natural body changes, especially post-pregnancy.

As Kourtney continues to navigate her journey as a mother and public figure, her emphasis on self-love and body positivity remains a significant part of her message. Her recent statement is a powerful reminder that self-worth is not defined by physical appearance, but by the strength, resilience, and individuality that each person brings to the world. By sharing her journey and her struggles openly, Kourtney Kardashian continues to encourage others to embrace their bodies and celebrate their unique beauty, at every stage of life.

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