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Pat Sajak ‘Spiraling Off The Deep End’ After Series Of Bizarre Tweets


Are Pat Sajak’s loved ones worried that he’s “spiraling off the deep end” after a slew of “bizarre” tweets? People close to the longstanding presenter of Wheel of Fortune are worried, according to a tabloid report this week, that his habit of “spouting divisive views all through polarized times” on social media may end up causing “real damage” to his reputation. Gossip Cop appears to be interested in these claims.

Resources revealed in a recent edition of the National Enquirer that “batty” Wheel of Fortune star Pat Sajak had been “raising alarms” over his “weird” Twitter remarks. The tabloid — never one to let a scandal go unnoticed, no matter how minor — also brought up Sajak’s on-set gaffes, a topic that the tabloids have joyfully revisited in the past.

A person resource remarked of the 75-yr-previous recreation clearly show host, “He’s been struggling for although and naturally spiraling off the deep stop once again.” What brought about this doom and gloom? A sequence of sardonic tweets Sajak posted to Twitter in December.

In 1 dated December 7, he wrote in response to the slate of higher-profile shoplifting situations on the West Coast, “A Xmas message to my fellow Californians: If you program to steal items, you should keep it less than $950. This way, it is a misdemeanor, and you are going to be a lot less possible to be prosecuted.” At the close, he extra, “More importantly, there will be additional still left for other individuals to steal. Recall, Xmas is for sharing.” 

Another tweet, posted just a number of times afterward, basically read, “I’m resigning my situation at CNN. I really don’t essentially do the job there, so it is genuinely preemptive.” Nonetheless, both the tabloid and the resource quickly insist that the so-called “bizarre” tweets were in fact merely jokes, halfway through the article mind you and that this is in some way each proof that Sajak has “lost several vowels” as he’s grown older and that he’s being purposefully destructive in a way that will make Wheel of Fortune executives nervous.

“Pat thinks he’s being amusing with these rambling messages but he’s making no perception,” the snitch insisted. “He appears dropped on his have earth.” One resource whispered that they expected all those executives to concern Sajak a purchase to button his lip on social media “before he does true hurt to his impression.” 

Finally, the insider described Sajak as a man who is “trying to toss his weight close to like he’s 25 to impress people today. It appears to be like he’s sensation his age and having it out on absolutely everyone,” including, “People believe he has anger challenges that have however to be resolved.” 

The Enquirer’s attempt to depict a few of inane tweets as anything nefarious is just bizarre. It’s mostly a collection of jokes. Just because one of the outlet’s supposed “sources” didn’t find them amusing doesn’t mean Sajak has lost touch or has become divisive. Which is completely absurd.

It also bears mentioning that Sajak tweets like this all the time. The day right after Thanksgiving, he just tweeted, “[Burp!]” Plainly it was a slow information day for the Enquirer when they determined to see this stinker of a tale see the gentle of day.

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