Prince William, Kate Middleton’s wedding was saved from a major disaster

 Prince William, Kate Middleton’s wedding was saved from a major disaster

(credit: Getty Images)

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s enchanting royal wedding was a sight for sore eyes with all things designed to perfection.

However, what many royal fans may not have known is how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, despite months and months of planning, almost faced a big disaster on their wedding day.

According to journalist Caroline Gammell, a serious disaster could have sullied the day for the couple as Kate was “nearly spooked by a runaway horse” while millions of eyes were glued to her from across the globe.

The incident happened after the ceremony when the two started the royal procession around London.

“Miss Middleton, who is allergic to the animals, looked alarmed as the horse catapulted its rider to the ground and had to be restrained by a mounted police officer after the royal wedding,” said Gammell.

She went on to note that it was William who then “offered a few calming words to his new bride,” while the horse was anxious to have been around loud and massive crowds.

“The rider scrambled to his feet and managed to take the reins and pull the horse to one side as the royal couple passed,” she added.

An eye witness to the scene, Claire David told The Telegraph her version as well: “Quite a few people gasped when the soldier fell off. The rider did well to stop it going into the crowd at a crucial moment. If it had gone into the crowd, it could have been a disaster.”

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