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Mila Kunis saved a life while she remains hot

Mila Kunis Actress

Mila Kunis ActressThe gossip world was after Mila Kunis rumored romance but recently she gave them another thing to talk about as soon as she saved someone’s life who was her employee. Mila Kunis saved a 50 year old man’s life recently who worked at Mila Kunis. The unidentified man collapsed at her residence at Los Angeles and he was choking and coughing blood.

Mila Kunis instantly asked someone to dial 911 and started holding the man’s head so that he doesn’t choke. Another friend was helping her out and they shoved a wallet in his mouth so that she doesn’t swallow his tongue. The paramedics team made it in time and took the man to the hospital where he has recovered completely now.

Recently another actor Patrick Dempsey carried out a similar act by saving a motorists life.

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