Kristen Stewart Is Obsessed With Her Pet

 Kristen Stewart Is Obsessed With Her Pet

kristen-stewart-is-obsessed-with-her-petThe only thing that makes Kristen Stewart giggly and funny is her sweetheart, Robert Pattinson, for when he is around she is full of jokes and laughter.

Rest of the time the 20 year old actress, Kristen is all quite and boring, spending a lot of time at home with her beloved pet.

“I’m so boring. No I am” she said adding, “I sit in my house with my cat. I’m a crazy cat lady, just give me a couple of years. I have one cat but I’m obsessed with him.”

Besides, Kristen Stewart is looking forward to some lighter roles, “: “I would love to do something a little lighter. It just has to be good. It’s rare for romantic comedies to be solid, solid good” she said.


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