10 Easy Steps for Manicure for Men

 10 Easy Steps for Manicure for Men

Manicure by listening sounds like a very girly thing to do. Nevertheless it is nowhere written that manicure is only limited to girls. Men also have the right to take care of their selves. Hands are very important part of body. We guys usually take care of our face skin but very fewer men give special attention to other parts of bodies like hands.

Manicure for men is not a difficult task to perform. First of all gather the things which you need for manicure for men.

List of things for manicure for men

  • Cotton
  • Nail polish remover
  • Metal file
  • Manicure scissor
  • Any oil
  • Warm water
  • Nail brush
  • Pumice stone

10 easy Steps for manicure for men

Step 1 for manicure for men

First step for manicure for men is to remove any enamel if you are wearing from your nails. You can remove the enamel with help of some nail polish remover.

Step 2 for manicure for men

Men nails should look clean. For this you can cut your nail with the help of manicure scissor. Manicure scissors should be bought of a good quality. If manicure scissor is not effective for your nails it can even injure your fingers.

Step 3 for manicure for men

Third step for manicure for men is to apply oil on your nails. If oil is not available you can also apply cream on your nails.

Step 4 for manicure for men

After applying oil on your nails, take warm water with shampoo or dishwasher mixed in it and soak your fingers in it for about 10 minutes. This step is the main step in manicure for men. It cleans finger nail and soften the cuticles. When cuticles are softened they loosen the dirt around the nails and nails become clean.

Step 5 for manicure for men

Now take your hands out of warm water and rub nail brush over all your nails and around your hands. This will clean the remaining dirt left in your nails or on your hands.

Step 6 for manicure for men

Now take a pumice stone and rub your nails edges around it and give them a round shape. Pumice stone is usually used to remove dirt which is not removed by any ordinary soap.

Step 7 for manicure for men

Now push cuticle to the base of the nail with the help of orange stick or any stick which is made of plastic. This step should be done very carefully as you can hurt yourself in it.

Step 8 for manicure for men

Dry your hands. Now with the help of cuticle scissor cut extra elongated cuticles from your nail.

Step 9 for manicure for men

Now apply any cream or lotion that you use on your hands.

Step 10 for manicure for men

To give shine to your nails you can apply any enamel or polishing paste for men.

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