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It is a common misconception amongst people that skincare is for women only. Men should keep themselves rough and tough.  Many times men don’t invest in a face wash just because they think it is a very girlish thing to do so. However, No one explains it better than Tom Ford about the use of creams and face washes, “It’s not a feminizing product, it is designed to make your skin look better”.

Here are a few Men skincare and grooming tips:

1. Trimmer:

TrimmerInvest in a good trimmer if you are a man who likes to maintain his beard.  The latest Remington vacuum beard is excellent in terms of its sharp blades that help you trim neatly and saves from the hassle of blocked washroom sinks. This device comprises of a handy vacuum which collects beard clippings as you trim and stores them in a chamber attached to it. The overall result is not just a neat and tidy beard but a neat and tidy bathroom too.

2. Fragrance:

FragranceA good scent when one walks in the room makes a huge difference. It draws more heads towards you. Adding a celebrity fragrance in your closet will add a certain degree of celebrity glamour.  Amongst the male fragrances that have always been famous for their bright and original reworks is Hugo Boss. A must I believe for every man to possess this.

3. Facial Scissors:

Facial ScissorsJust as much as women need to keep a pair of scissors to trim their brows, men require them equally well. These are indispensable problem solver.  Works efficiently to trim off those rogue ear, nose and eyebrow hairs. The best thing about these is that they are safe to use.

4. Concealer : 

Concealer Not only do women need to conceal their dark circles and dark spots. Men have the liberty to do so too. Investing in an effective concealer is essential if your skin is uneven. There is not thing gay about it. It is simply a part of grooming and looking pleasant. Since men don’t do makeup, all they have to do is look clean. A skin tone of even color makes a huge difference.

5. Face wash:

Face washSoaps work well to cleanse off the dirt however face washes do a better job. The specially designed male face washes have certain ingredients in them that help wash off that dirt more evenly. Keep a face wash and use it at least once daily to keep for skin looking fresh and healthy. A clean skin prevents the outbreak of acne. Men are usually more to prone to developing acne.

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