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Shoes: An Important Part of Men’s Wardrobe

Well, I am really not among those who generalize that men do not care about their shoes. I myself know many guys with extensive wardrobes of men’s shoes. Similarly, the stereotype for women that they are not aware of the latest gadgets is also not true because there are many women in my database who are very much up to date about the gadgets.

There are many people who generally come across issues when it comes to wearing fashion shoes or matching the right style of shoes with an occasion of clothing. To help such guys with coming up a solution to these general clothing issues are mentioned below:

Go for a pair of shoes which matches your pants or the colour of shoes is darker than that of your pants.
Now the issue is not all about your shoes but your socks also. Make a match of your socks with the rest of the outfit as you would do for your tie. It’s not important that socks must be of the exact colour as that of your shoes but they must complement your outfit.

If you wear a belt, then try to match your shoes with the belt. Now don’t follow me if your belt is MULTICOLOR. That may become an embracement or something really unique.
Anyhow, these were the general instructions. You must be having shoes for your daily routine but there can be occasions when you cannot find something suitable. The shoes you may have might not complement the occasion.

Shoes: An Important Part of Men’s Wardrobe

Dress shoe for the dressy occasion: For dressy shoes, it’s not important that you are always wearing suits. But there are several occasions where you need to get into suits. So at that moment shinier finish Italian look lace up or slip-on shoe can be needed.

Casual shoes:

Now when you have to go out with friends to restaurants or to spend an evening in the club you would prefer khakis or jeans. The complementing shoes for the time would be a casual pair which may be rugged or refined look. As you would be wearing them often so besides being attractive they must be comfortable also. According to your style you may chose one.

Comfortable and casual, All-time Sneakers:

Sneakers are something essential to men’s wardrobe. They are not for your jogging or playing purpose but when you hang out with buddies and want to stay comfortable. Spend a bit more and get a stylish pair, which can last long. So the above details can benefit you well to complete your wardrobe and have all that may be needed at anytime. Colours can be of your preference.

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