Best Men’s Colognes for 2011

men colognes

men colognesMen’s colognes for 2011 have undergone a romantic transformation this year as many fashion designers have come forward with romantic, soothing, fresh and sexiest men’s colognes for 2011that endow imaginative and luxury grooming appeal to them.

  • Clive Christian men’s cologne

Clive Christian cologne contains casual mix of bergamot, citrus and jasmine and is supposedly the most expensive cologne of the world that improves appearance of a man and bestows him an aura to attract others.

  • Tom Ford Azure Lime for men

Tom Ford Azure Lime is another best men’s cologne for 2011 hat helps men’s grooming for official day out and meeting as Azure Lime is a light lime citrus that kicks off heavier notes of woodsy musk. This Tom Ford Azure Lime carried with dark suit and elegant shoes makes men impeccable.

  • Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris

Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris is a sexiest fragrance for 2011 that lures women on a romantic date. This men’s cologne have exclusive aroma of Tonka bean and leather ground with rosemary and mate tea aroma and when sprayed on neck and upper body drives your love lady crazy and passionate.

  • Atelier Cologne Trefle Pur

Atelier Cologne Trefle Pur men’s cologne for 2011 has bitter orange citrus on top of a patchouli moss and musk combination. The middle notes of clover and violet keep this men’s cologne balanced and maintain the patchouli as Tunisian neroli bursts through in this cologne.

  • Burberry Sport perfume

Men’s style is carried gracefully when Burberry Sport cologne for 2011 is drizzled. This unique fragrance contains classic aromas of musk and wood that set up refreshing lighter notes of grapefruit citrus and ginger.

  • Halston Man scent

Halston Man scent for 2011 is a new fragrance for men that contains patchouli that is little noteworthy against musk. Halston has fragrances both for men and women as Halston Man and Halston woman.

  • Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar

Another hit romantic and feverish 2011 perfume for men is Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar blended with warm citrus and wood fighting that endow charismatic appeal for day long.

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