Deep Sea Vents Ecuador – Wonder of The World

Deep Sea Vents Ecuador

Deep Sea Vents EcuadorOceans hold the wonders inside them, especially the hydrothermal vents around the world have the most bizarre ecosystems of the world, by bizarre I mean that they have life without sunlight. These hydrothermal vents are the best for submarine as they are the natural geysers. Hydrothermal vents are normally found near any volcanically active areas. Hydrothermal vents are because of the geologically active surfaces and have water near so, that is why hydrothermal vents are among the best ecosystems of the world.

The water of these hydrothermal vents is full of minerals, metals and is super heated because of the volcanic activities; the temperature can reach up to 400 °C. The hydrothermal vents were discovered first in 1970s and that hydrothermal vent that they discovered was full of crabs, fish, shrimps, slugs and many more sea animals. Hydrothermal vents do not use sunlight but use hydrogen sulfide to keep the sea creatures alive. Absence of sunlight does keep the organisms alive as the creatures live on the nutrients rain on the upper ocean level, plus the sources created by the hydrothermal chimneys.

Bacteria are produced in the hydrothermal vents and hence most of the organisms in these hydrothermal vents survive on this bacterium. As the process of chemosynthesis occurs there, that means organisms can make sugar from chemicals and these bacterium can easily do that. Hydrothermal vents are also known for inhabiting different tube warms which absorb nutrients directly from their tissues, plus the famous BLIND CRABS are also found most in the hydrothermal vents, as they cannot see because there is no light in these hydrothermal vents.

Ecuador is the birth place of hydrothermal vents, and in the study of all ocean sciences this place is the origin, when the Deep Hydrothermal vent of Ecuador was discovered in 19767 the scientists traveled over 2,900 meters below the surface of ocean and in that hydrothermal vent there were found huge geologic plates that moved apart, and on each movement the hot magma moves upward. These Hydrothermal vents are like if you can feel the temperature of a super huge furnace right at the bottom of an ocean, and because of this heat produced in there, there are strange and many different millions of species of animals and microbial life is down there.

When you look at any hydrothermal vent you might see a cloud of black material from a black chimney, well this is the black smoker or a sea vent which emits huge particles of sulfur bearing minerals. The black smokers are because of the highly heated water that comes from the earth’s crust after these geologic plates move and when this hot water and the freezing water combines there becomes this cloud of black material from a chimney, and even in such a high temperature there are bacteria that can survive up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Hydrothermal Vents are one of the best discoveries of the world so far and no doubt they are addition to the wonders of the world.

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