15 Ways To Knot your Tie

 15 Ways To Knot your Tie

16 Ways To Knot Your Tie

1. Four-In-Hand Knot: Four-In-Hand Knot is less complex wrapping style to knot your tie. It can be easily handle and perfect for professional looks. Four-In-Hand Knot tie style is suitable for long height man.

2. Half Windsor knot: Half Windsor knot is actually designed for thin silk tie stuffs. It gives triangle knot look and best for wider neckties. Half Windsor knot is next version of Windsor tie knot.

3. Windsor tie knot: Windsor knot is like king knot in neckties styles. It is professionally suitable for jobs, interviews, courtrooms etc. Windsor tie knot look best with spread collar shirts and suit coats.

4. Oriental Tie Knot: It is like a four-in-hand knot, but it is longer in length and has narrow ends.

5. Bow Tie Knot: Bow Tie Knot is mostly used for formal wear, like for wedding dresses. The tip to wear Bow Tie Knot is it should be small wider than your neck.

6. Small knot: The small knot is simplest way in all tie knots. A bit heavier stuff is good to use this necktie style. Use this style with small collars with smaller wide space.

7. Double knot: Double knot is almost like Four-In-Hand tie knot. It uses double loops to make it slightly thicker. It can be knot with almost all the stuff but with think fabrics it doesn’t give neat look. If you are use to knot your tie with Four-In-Hand style then you can easily knot it too.

8. Christensen Knot: Christensen Knot is not used most probably because it was popular in nineteen’s, it knot from neck is smaller in size and wider from the tips ends of the tie. It wrap thin blade and pass twice loops.

9. Kevin knot: Kevin knot is another version of oriental tie knot. This style gives full and symmetrical appearance. It can be look good for handsome and smart ones, but if you have wide physique than it won’t suits you.

10. Victoria knot: Victoria knot has longer length and additional loop in four-in-hand tie knot. People mostly avoid wearing it because it takes time, it is not so difficult but a bit complicated to knot it.

11. Bal-thus knot: If you want to tie a larger knot then go for bal-thus knot, but it is mostly used for heavier stuffs like wool, knitted and woven ties. The bal-thus knot starts from inside-out around the neck.

12. Nicky knot: Nicky knot also starts from inside-out around the neck, but it has narrow ends. It is also the type of oriental knot.

13. Pratt Knot: Pratt Knot is fairly tidy like knot. Mostly use in light weight fabrics. It is almost like Windsor knot but not wider than it.

14. An Onassis Knot: There was a time when An Onassis Knot was so popular in New York. It is not so differ from four-in-hand knot but the blade is simply thrown behind the existing knot.

15. Hanover Knot: Hanover knot is tied to large neckties and like a symmetrical knot.

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