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Halloween Masks and Costumes for Men

Halloween 2014 Zombie Mask

Scary monsters, super creeps, it’s time for horror and killer sheep. Well it rhymes. Here at RED5 we love a little bit of a scare, so here’s a little selection of fun and slightly chilling stuff to make your Halloween go with a BROHAHAHAHA, or something.
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It’s dark. You’re walking home alone on a late night, a street light flickers as you pass by and you hear a strange noise. You walk into your door, struggle to find the light switch then all of a sudden… There’s a zombie right in your face!
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Don’t worry; it’s just your Nan trying out the latest in freaky fashion, the Zombie Mask. This one size fits all mask is a great addition to your Halloween outfits complete with green skin, blood, bruises, mouldy teeth and dead eyes. The lightweight breathable fabric allows you to drink through it so it’s perfect for a night out on the town. Keep one of these in your pocket and you can always be ready to scare the living daylights out of someone!

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