Most Expensive Razor

most expensive razor

World’s most expensive razor will cost you $100,000. We have seen to this point some quaint razors from vintage times, like mastodont razor that is previous however classic, to luxurious shave, with Damascene Razor that flaunts 128 layers of distinctive steel. currently it’s time to induce some valuable shave with the world’s most costly razor. The million dollar, atomic number 77 line razor is simply the proper issue for the uber made to induce them a clean shave.
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To love the foremost big-ticket shave within the world all you have got to shed is $100,000. The ninety nine items, edition razors ar imprinted with a serial range and monogrammed to your provisions with none more money. The Zafirro razor could be a deluxe approach of shaving and has blades of artificial sapphire big at a former Soviet laboratory within the Ukraine.
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The blade can stay as sharp because the initial shave for a year. the intense lightweight Ventures guarantees complimentary re-sharpening for 10 fine years. The thickness of the blade is concerning 1/10,000th the dimension of a hair and area unit sharpie than any of the blades accessible within the market.The blades area unit packed in an exceedingly medical-grade chrome steel cartridge with sixteen metallic element magnets. The handle is formed of ninety nine.9% pure metal that produces them high heat resistant. So, get set for the foremost luxurious shave ever!

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