6 Top Health and Fitness Tips for Men

 6 Top Health and Fitness Tips for Men

For men, staying fit is considered to be very important for many known reasons. Unless you engage regularly in dangerous activities,  the best thing that can help you to lead a healthy life and increase your chance of a longer one is by staying fit.

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One of the foremost thing which is essential for men’s fitness is actually the drive and determination to stay fit. It is preferable to find an educated personal trainer with proven experience but if you can’t do that, then you can always do it alone.

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However there are certain things which you should always be careful of. These include;


Regardless of your training goals, it is very important to eat healthy as this is the backbone for staying fit. Food is actually the fuel which will help you achieve the desired goals and without the intake of nutritional and proper quality food, it is likely that you will. Try to eat organic food but it is very important also to maintain a balanced diet of fruits, vegetable complex proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. It is also very important to make sure that whatever you eat has substantial nutritional value


The next main step in staying fit is to make muscles. Start off by increasing the caloric, most importantly the protein intake. Go to a gym or if you have that equipment at home,  perform complex movements varying with different machines and train with weights approximately 4 times a week. Also do remember that rest is very important as all the growth takes places, not when you are working out but when you are resting.

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Apart from eating healthy and working out is very important to know how your body is doing. Keep track of your heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and after every 2 months, make sure you have your blood tested for cholesterol as these basic things are basically the main determinants for staying fit.


Too busy with work that you can’t spare time for workout, then following tips may seem ver helpful;
If your job includes sitting in front of computer (sedentary jobs) then take your breaks outdoors and have a brisk, short walk. You’ll also improve your concentration and mood. Try to take stairs instead of the elevator and avoid excess intake of caffeine. Leave for work early and get off the bus or subway a stop or two before your desired destination would act as a source for exercise and will prove beneficial if you don’t get time to exercise.


While watching TV do push-ups or sit-ups the during commercials. Even one per commercial during a two-hour movie can give you some very good exercise. Find the high-energy tasks on your to-do list like washing the car, digging the garden, mowing the lawn, or reorganizing a closet and do these first while tackling your to-do list. Wake up 15 or 30 minutes before your family and use this time for a walk, running or exercise.

6. SOME OTHER TIPS:men_fitness_tips
Strength training is the key part of any fitness plan. You can tone your muscles at home or at the office just a few minutes at a time; push-ups are great for working the chest, triceps, and shoulders and you can do them anywhere. Squats and lunges are also effective because they work multiple muscles and are easy to add to any fitness routine.

Fitness for men is really important because men being more muscular require it. It will not only make you happier by prevention of midlife wanes but will also make your body injury proof.

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