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Johnnie Walker Blue Label New Collector’s Edition Whiskey

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie WalkerJohnnie Walker Blue Label is known to release some unique limited editions of its fine whiskey. Among them are the Alfred Dunhill Limited Edition Collection, the Skyline Rangewere, the limited-edition 2012 Johnnie Walker Director’s Blend or limited-edition accessories like the Johnnie Walker Blue Label collection by Porsche Design Studio, all delightful treats for whiskey lovers and collectors around the world.

Walker Blue LabelThis Chinese New Year, the company has added a new commemorative addition to the Johnnie Walker Blue Label family – the new Johnnie Walker Blue Label “Year of the Horse” Limited Collector’s Edition. The Limited Collector’s Edition features the Formosa design and emblem of British Royal Approval in 24k gold. And so is the Chinese character for horse overlaid with a graphic of a rearing horse. While the gold printing adds a touch of prosperity, the rearing animal’s powerful stance is a symbol of leadership and courage and comes with auspicious meaning such as success and unstoppable momentum for the coming year.

Johnnie Walker Blue LabelThe elegant gold shimmer, together with the horse image and golden whiskey in a classy bottle orchestrate the ultimate ode to exceptionally fine taste. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label “Year of the Horse” Limited Collector’s Edition is currently available only in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The limited-edition 750 ml bottle will retail at $199.88.

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