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Former Trump aide Alyssa Farrah Griffin will join ‘The View’ as Permanent Conservative co-host

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Credit: ABC

It seems that the followers who inferred value from Whoopi Goldberg’s comments to Alyssa Farrah Griffin were right.

Griffin, who served in the Trump administration before turning against him (though he still works as a conservative pundit), is reportedly in the final stages of talks to take over as the permanent conservative voice on The View, according to Variety. Meghan McCain, who left the series in 2021, is replaced by her.

However, The View‘s spokesperson told Variety, “We do not have a co-host announcement to make at this time. Stay tuned.”

If Griffin was hired to take the position of McCain, fans threatened to cancel. MEAWW noted last week that some viewers had picked up on what Goldberg had stated about Griffin’s thoughts on people hunting her and other former Trump supporters in the real world. She was told by Goldberg, “You know what? We’ve got your back.”  This gave the impression that Griffin had been selected to take McCain’s position.

While one viewer said she would quit watching the show if Griffin was hired, others implored the producers to realize that fans are happy not to have McCain or other potentially toxic opinions on their TV screens.

According to one viewer, “Do the producers not see how excited we all were when Meghan left?!! I have not missed her for one second!”

The View might possibly lose some guests after Wanda Sykes reportedly declined to promote a former Trump administration official’s post-Trump career by appearing on the show.

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