People should ‘assume they have Covid’ if they wake up with these two telltale symptoms

(Image: South Wales Echo)

According to the most recent study, these two symptoms of COVID are getting more and more prominent.

People should “best assume” they have Covid if they awaken with two specific symptoms, according to a renowned scientist. There are two symptoms that are becoming increasingly evident from a Zoe study which has been gathering data from the pandemic, according to Professor Tim Spector, co-founder of ZOE Scientific and lead scientist on the ZOE Health Study.

According to Prof Spector, who leads the ZOE Health Study, there are “twice as many Covid cases as common colds currently”, adding that “the ratio has never been so high”.

As per MyLondon, he revealed in a tweet that people experiencing fatigue or if they wake up after a good night’s sleep but are still feeling tired might actually be down to the virus.

A sore throat is another sign of Covid, and according to Prof. Spector, persons with the virus are reporting the symptom more frequently than those with a typical cold. If you experience these symptoms, “assume” it’s Covid, he said.

In his most recent YouTube video, he gives advice to anyone who could have cold-like symptoms to “try and get tested” if they can; otherwise, they should presume they have a common cold but be cautious and avoid contact with others until they feel better. According to the professor, Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 are behind latest the surge in cases, reports The Express.

Luke O’Neill, another Covid expert, adds there is another symptom people should watch out for – night sweats, reports DublinLive. “One extra symptom for BA.5 I saw this morning is night sweats,” he said. “The disease is slightly different because the virus has changed.

There is some immunity to it, with the T cells and so on, and that mix of your immune system and the virus being slightly different might give rise to a slightly different disease – with strangely enough – night sweats being a feature.”

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