It Is Not Only Glee Miley Cyrus Hates


it-is-not-only-glee-miley-cyrus-hatesIs Miley Cyrus trying to get herself some street cred by having a go at everyone or as reports have suggested, is Miley Cyrus going off the rails. Miley Cyrus recently upset her fans and Glee fans by claiming she hated the show Glee and said the show was so unrealistic. But do not worry Glee fans, Miley Cyrus has now turned her attention on her tutor and has said she hates her tutor. What a shame, this girl was such a nice girl but now she hates everyone.

Miley Cyrus who is only 17 but recently had a mouth and the behaviour of a 13-year with an ASBO has said she cannot wait to graduate from high school because she hates her private tutor. According to Miley, she feels her tutor pushes her to complete schoolwork, which the Glee hater feels affects her creative projects.

“I’m a little bit of a workaholic. My teacher threatens my work permit. She’s like, ‘I will not sign it if you don’t do your school work‘,” Miley explained. “She pops up in places that I’m like, why are you here? I’ll be in the elevator; I’ll have no idea!

“I’ll go all the way from the States to England and have no idea she’s there and she’ll pop up like, ‘Are you ready for school?’ “She got on to Justin Bieber the last time we were at Good Morning America. She’s like, ‘Is your teacher here, Justin? Have you done your school today? Do you need me to sign your permit?’

“I was like, ‘You’re embarrassing me in front of the Biebs!’ My little sister was mortified.” Showbiz experts are concerned that Miley will go down the same route as Lindsay Lohan and according to sources it is not only Showbiz experts who believe this.

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