Do you smell bad? know how to kill Bad Body Odor?

 Do you smell bad? know how to kill Bad Body Odor?

We all love those who smell good. If we smell good, we feel confident and we are not only likeable for others but we love ourselves too. Bad body odour is like a bad omen associated with us. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a bad body odour and worst of all, ignoring the bad body odour. People who have a problem of bad body odor, they make people extremely repulsive towards them.

The reasons for a bad body odor can be many like, having a bad body odor after playing, bad body odor due to being lazy and not taking bath and bad body odor as an offshoot of skin disease or infection. Men tend to have more issues of bad body odor than women ad they have higher testosterone levels that play an important role in sweat production. But in any case, bad body odor must be taken very seriously and ways should be adopted in order to avoid bad body odor.

How does bad body odor arise?

Human beings have body odor which is partially made up of sweat and partially bacteria. The function of sweating is to keep our bodies cool when the temperature in our surroundings rises. The bacteria that is a part of normal body odor gets decayed and it mixes up with the sweat which then generates bad body odor. It is due to the decaying bacteria in our sweat that bad body odor is created. In order to kill bad body odor there are many tips and tricks which you can follow and keep a strict check on preventing bad body odor.


One of the primary factors for bad body odor is not maintaining good hygiene. At times, people have an extremely bad body odor in winter months too and that is because they are not taking bath everyday. The more you keep your body clean the lower will be the chances of bad body odor. Make it a habit to take bath everyday no matter whatever happens. Taking bath everyday is as important as eating food and breathing. Wearing clean clothes, pure fabrics that don’t retain the bad body odor are also a part of good hygiene. All this will make your body less attractive for bacterial growth and decay which creates bad body odor. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you do at least monthly or fortnightly shave of your hair in arm pits and pubic areas as they are the best regions for bacterial growth and creation of bad body odor.

Food Habits

Meat lovers, garlic lovers, onion lovers are that person who may have bad body odor issues more than others. Food impacts greatly on how we smell. Also, people who eat curry and oily foods have a lot of chances of having a bad body odor. Therefore, avoid such foods if you know that you have a problem of bad body odor. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables more and maintain a balanced diet in order to fight bad body odor.

Health Issues

Some people have bad body odor issues due to some skin infection and disease. For that matter, it is highly recommended that you consult a good skin specialist soon and get rid of this problem because it can be an indication to many other serious health problems. At times deficiency of vitamins and minerals also causes bad body odor, therefore, have a check up with a good skin specialist and get to know about the real reason behind your bad body odor. Most likely, bad body odor is cause by fungal infections.

Deodorants/Perfumes/Boric Acid/Anti-bacterial Soaps

Always keep a good deodorant with you whether you have a problem of bad body odor or not smelling good makes everyone more appealing towards others. Use deodorants and perfumes frequently but don’t overuse them as they get very annoying and nauseating for people around you and you yourself. Boric acid is an ideal way to get rid of bad body odor. It is cheap and very easy to use, therefore, if you have a problem of bad body odor then use it. Anti-bacterial soaps are ideal for fighting bacterial growth and bad body odor and they can easily be used while taking bath.

Therefore, don’t worries if you smell bad, just make sure that you make an effort to get rid of bad body odor by just keeping a check on yourself and following these simple suggestions

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