The Fear of Loneliness

 The Fear of Loneliness

the-fear-of-lonelinessThe fear of loneliness is present in the dire essence of human being, it is the fear of being totally alone that makes us fear grave. Hidden beneath the subconscious layers of mind, this fear is basically the entire source of energy that makes us form relationships and friends.

Every person in his lifetime comes across the feelings of loneliness and the terrible terrible fear of being alone, when his own being becomes entirely worthless in front of his own eyes. There can be so many reasons behind, personal tragedy, broken relationships that hurts us to such an extent that our whole being is overshadowed by negative emotions and fear of being alone.

There can be many ways to tackle it but first being the most important is to have confidence on yourself, there is nothing wrong in being alone, the fear is just like the illusion that chases you, but when you look behind it goes up in smoke. Be confident and believe in your own self, get some time for yourself, go to some salon and have some makeover to look different and to feel different.

Go out and look at others, there is a hell lot of world that is alone, find companionship in those alone souls and you will feel that you are not alone. When you realize that you are not the only person in this world who’s alone, you start feeling an unseen connection with others that generates the feelings of satisfaction and gratitude.

Animals are another way of dealing with loneliness, you can have a sweet little puppy or any pet that you can spend time with and cuddle with. Pets are a great distraction, keeping them; feeding and taking care of them can be a great way to cope with your inner loneliness.

Get into some really creative activity, like painting and I bet your loneliness will make you a grand artist.

Painting is just another way of catharsis, what you paint is what you feel. The loneliness hidden in the deep layers of your subconscious mind will automatically start revealing its little portions into your paintings. Even if you are a bad painter, paint whatever comes into your mind, paint for it will relax you, and ultimately you will find a companion, a reflection of your own, in your own created painting.

Believing in God and having faith in an unseen power is the strongest way to cope with inner loneliness. We feel alone, because we are unable to feel a grand unseen presence around us that keeps protecting us through every unseen pebble that keeps tapping our back, that keeps giving us hope to live. Once you start feeling that presence, all your fears will melt away in an illusion. The presence of God, our guardian angel, that is always there, smiling and watching over us while we are lost seeing that closed door, that will never open again. So get out of that closed door and see that hidden angel that is only smiling for you.

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