Celebrate Your Love Life

 Celebrate Your Love Life

celebrate-your-love-lifeLove is not meant for February 14, the Valentines Day. Love is a celebration of every moment. It demands just a little gesture of care and appreciation. It does not require a wise intellectual mind, but a young playful heart that is loving, forgiving and caring.

For a strong relationship, you must learn to enjoy and cherish the moments of togetherness even if those moments are little make them special and unforgettable, for distance does not matter for the hearts that love each other.  There are so many little effortless things that can bring two people immensely close to each other.

Sweet surprises are a darling when it comes to bring a cute little smile on the face of your beloved. You can hide small love notes under their pillow or inside their pocket and let them find themselves in their lonely hours. You can also put a little love note inside the office lunch box for your partner to read and smile.

If you are facing some problems in your relationship, acknowledge them and share them with your partner in a romantic evening by a candle light. Create an accepting and forgiving atmosphere for two of you to open up with your problems and failed expectations.

Youthful and playful activities can add a spark to your relationship, it is fun to act dumb and silly with a child like laughter. It fades away the boring daily routine and brings out the little naughty child in you, talk with that naught angelic shine in your eyes and spend an afternoon in playing silly childish games. Being playful is more romantic and intimate. We don’t quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quit playing. Eat an ice cream or candy floss, hold each other’s hands, laugh together with no big reason and have a pillow fight,  All you need is a playful heart to revitalize and rejuvenate you spirit.

Be very very expressive and creative when it comes to your feelings. Express yourself, tell them that you love them and tell them your romantic fantasies, your deepest desires, whisper words of appreciation and care. It’s your words; it’s your feelings, feel free to give words to your thoughts, desires and emotions.

Cuddling is cute, it’s fun and it makes one feel that they are not alone, they got hands to hold them, they got arms to protect them and they got a heartbeat so close to their own heart to feel it and to love it. Cuddle with your partner, tease them, flirt with them because they are yours so you have all the right to tease them as much as you want until they come and grab you tightly ;)

Last but not the least, for having a beautiful romantic relationship, you must love each other, accept and forgive each other’s faults, for love is kind and forgiving. Understand and empathize with each other, for love is what makes you reach to another heart, another soul :)

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