5 Reasons That Prove Sex Makes You Look More Beautiful

 5 Reasons That Prove Sex Makes You Look More Beautiful

Rosy cheeks, glowing skin, and that pink pout – women shell out thousands of bucks every month to get all of the above. Well, here is one effective way that would enhance your beauty and that too naturally! Studies have proved that a good lovemaking session can stimulate the feel-good hormones, which in turn help in keeping the skin firm and glowing. A Scottish study found that indulging in the act thrice a week makes one look younger by four years. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, let us just peep in more to find out the beauty secrets of making love every day.

1. Natural Glow

You all would accept that there is nothing more attractive than natural beauty. Well, lovemaking certainly makes you glow from inside out. Sweat produced during the act cleanses the pores and makes the skin glow. The natural oils like linoleic oil released during lovemaking moisturises the skin. Regular sessions promote the release of hormones, including testosterone and oestrogen, which give a youthful and glowing complexion. Ahem…Well, is this the reason why we hear that women glow after marriage?

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2. Fountain Of Youth

Forget creams, lovemaking can make you seven years younger. Here is the proof! Dr. David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist, after his extensive research revealed that older men and women with an active sex life looked five to seven years younger than their actual age. He further said that one does not have to be at it every night to enjoy youth-enhancing effects! Quality is as important as quantity. The ­anti-ageing benefits become stronger if having sex is more ‘loving’ and not just a mere activity. Especially following the menopause, when women’s oestrogen levels naturally drop, indulging in lovemaking will fight against wrinkles and dry skin.

3. Sense Of Euphoria

Lovemaking is one of the few activities that both excites and relaxes the brain at the same time. The pleasure which the body experiences, increases the oxygen quotient in the body, boosting every cell to feel good. With an active sex life, you will soon enjoy good mood and days will be sunny again! From sexologists’ point of view, it should be included in your routine along with brushing your teeth and washing your hair.

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4. Shiny And Lustrous Hair

The killer of our strands is dryness. Give your hair some good amount of glow by giving it a natural moisturiser from time to time. Each hair follicle has a blood vessel to it and lovemaking tremendously improves the blood circulation in your body. Thus, better the blood flow means more the nourishment to your hair. It benefits you from top to toe. The hormones released during the act will also keep your nails strong.

5. Shed Those Kilos!

Whether lovemaking can actually make you slimmer or not, has always been a debatable topic. There are so many different researches that it becomes a question which one to trust. So, we would not quote any research, but a living example. There is a woman who not just practiced it, but after the results, went on to write a book on it. Kerry McCloskey, the author of The Ultimate Sex Diet, lost 23 pounds in six months, all thanks to lovemaking! She says, “I’m healthier and happier than ever before, this is one diet I never want to quit!” So people, doesn’t that make it at least worth a try?

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