7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

 7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

Saturday mornings are basically made for sex, except for when you booked a workout class, have brunch plans, need to tackle three weeks’ worth of laundry, and have big plans to power-clean your bathroom floor. But being crazy-busy shouldn’t stop you from getting busy—trust us.

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Since you’re a grown-ass woman with people to see and cycling classes to crush, you might put sexy time on the backburner. Hey, it happens. However, that doesn’t mean you need to give your sex life the, um, shaft. Instead, embrace your multitasking M.O. by adding a sizzling twist to your to-do list. Stick with us; we’re about to get weird—in the best way.

Here, seven semi-genius ways to do it while doing other things.

7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

Have shower sex while giving your hair a conditioning treatment. After all, you have to wait around for that stuff to work its magic anyway. Give each other soapy massages, and if you have a detachable shower nozzle, aim it at each other’s V-zones for a tingly sensation.

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For the main event, stand facing the wall with your hands pushing against it for support. Your guy should stand behind you, facing the same direction, and enter you that way. Not only will your hair have amazing shine, but you’ll score that gorgeous post-sex glow. 

7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

Have some last-minute gift-wrapping to do? In between snipping the paper and putting on bows, treat yourself to an early present. Use tape to secure your guy’s wrists to the headboard of your bed for a kinky-lite vibe, and then gently tie a ribbon around his penis. The slight pressure will trap blood flow, yielding higher sensitivity for him and a fuller, firmer feeling for you. 

7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

Heat things up when you’re waiting for pasta to cook. Following the instructions on the pasta box, set the timer for the indicated number of minutes. Having a countdown creates a sexy sense of urgency.

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Then, push your man down on the kitchen floor for a girl-on-top romp, and spank him with a wooden spoon. You can also shimmy out of your pants, hop up on the countertop, and spread your legs while he gives you oral. Hungry yet?

7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

We’ve all been there: You’re in the middle of a sack sesh when you hear that familiar texting ping. You’ve got to follow up with your girls about the plan for tonight, but he’s currently inside you. What’s a lady to do? Spoon sex.

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Though it’s hailed as the most intimate sex position—it also happens to be the ideal move for hands-free sex. Go ahead, nail down dinner reservations and orgasm, too.

7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

It’s hard to tear yourself away from binge-watching the new season of Jessica Jones in order to knock boots. But you can glue your eyes to the boob tube while scoring a pleasure fix at the same time.

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Just angle your bodies so your head is facing the screen, and climb on top. Who says you can’t have it all?

7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

There’s practically nothing more yawn-inducing than logging onto your credit card and bank accounts to take care of your bills. Make this chore fun by giving it a naughty spin. Lean over your desk and let him take you from behind as you type away on your keyboard.

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7 Genius Sex Tips for Multitaskers

It sucks when you have to use part of the weekend to catch up on work from the office. Make it easier on yourself by letting your guy do a job on you while you get the job done (in more ways than one). While you answer emails on your laptop, have him tease and tantalize you below the belt using his fingers and tongue. Just remember to double check your work. You might get distracted.Wink.

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