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daily-horoscopeAries: Today, it’s a good idea to deal with issues which are usually out of your control. Going against one’s own nature doesn’t necessarily mean defeat. Those born in the second decade will feel highly stressed. Are you sure it’s worth it? Someplace in the world, there’s a hammock with your name on it, swaying gently in the warm breeze.

Taurus: There’s no point looking in specialized manuals or articles by pseudo-gurus to find out the Stock Exchange’s secrets. You can’t buy what has already been bought. Dear friends of the first decade, cast aside your convictions; there’s a time for prudence and another for risk. It’s now or never for being heroic.

Gemini: Be rational about your investments and don’t fall for the idea of fast profits. Be tough. Remember the golden rule – sell and you’ll regret it. Good analysis, bad timing; this is something which is difficult to learn.

Cancer: Your mood swings are noted. You can’t keep cool so do what you want but don’t burden others with your problems. Some advice for the more intrepid: don’t venture into the market without the right equipment: you run the risk of being torn to pieces!

Leo: Today forget the past as this prevents you from looking forward with faith and courage. Only then will you not make a mistake with a purchase. Those of the second decade will manage to get a wedge of cash together…they may not recuperate all their losses but will accumulate a satisfactory sum.

Virgo: Today you will really think about how to make successful investments. Take advantage of this useful means of analysis. Those of you who dream to be leaders and give advice left, right and center, must remember that it’s not the best way to build up a reputation of a good trader.

Libra: How’s it going? Fine, I expect ‘ cos if there’s one sign which can escape financial ruin, it’s yours. On this unhappy and volatile day, keep your feet firmly on the ground. The bravest ones of you will change the way you approach the Stock Exchange. You’ll be more flexible and malleable, less subject to mood swings. It’s an excellent idea and earnings will be high.

Scorpio: A great day so make use of the enormous amount of energy which will grip you mind and body. You of the third decade will never be winners, but remember that negative moments are used to earn money. Do it and you’ll meet someone now.

Sagittarius: Your lack of scruples endears you to others but how many times has this trait become a problem? You need to establish just how audacious you can be. We advise those of you trying to get over losses to reflect carefully: is the Stock Exchange the right place to risk your savings? To be honest, we doubt it.

Capricorn: If you haven’t been shaken out of your usual laziness, remember that acting quickly in moments of panic is the first step towards making money. The main fault of those of the third decade is that they dream of reaching the Moon. If it weren’t for your insane desire to have everything straight away, the Stars would promise you a nice sum of money.

Aquarius: Don’t rush into things if you want to make money at all costs. Sometimes, people sell through fear of losing their winnings; don’t do this unless you’ve analyzed things thoroughly. Dear friend of the second decade, subjecting every firm to endless scrutiny won’t help you scientifically obtain the profits you dream of.

Pisces: A continuous voice insists “there is not much time for getting on the financial bandwagon”. Resist: soon the stars will clarify your doubts, casting aside dangerous temptations. Finances of those of the second decade are going slowly. Despite the state of your bank balance, you continue to dream. The Stars advise you to be patient.

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