Valentine’s Day Workout Plan

 Valentine’s Day Workout Plan

valentines-day-workout-planWhat do you think your girlfriend or wife really want for Valentine’s Day? Do you think roses or diamonds? I don’t think so, if you have forgotten your New Year’s resolution to workout valentine, then it is time you start!

Here are some interesting Valentine’s Day Workout Plans which will keep you going:

  • For Week 1: The task ahead is to take your diet and Valentine’s Day workout plan seriously by drinking more water and less sugary drinks, also avoid, fried food stuff. Another great alternative is to have green tea which is full of anti-oxidants which are available in mint, raspberry, peach etc.

Workout valentine for this week includes one day of cardio that is at a higher intensity than your usual norm. So if you’re running for 30 minutes switch this up and include five sessions of one minute sprints and then twenty five minutes of your normal running speed.

  • For Week 2: Valentine’s Day Workout plan, involve adding one healthy fruit like protein shake a day as a healthy snack. Valentine’s Day workout involves adding one day of circuit training with your weights. This means doing your exercises back to back with minimal rest between exercises (aiming for less than 30 seconds rest).

How about including a cardio kickboxing, yoga or spin class, or anything else that is outside your comfort level, have fun with this!

  • Valentine’s Day workout plan for Week 3: Include no junk food, for your cardio session, it is must to do high intensity interval training. Adopt a treadmill routine and you, should be aiming for 7-9 exercises in total followed by a 10 minute flexibility training session for workout valentine.

Hats off to this week as it offers many options for diet and Valentine’s Day workout plan like sticking to very lean meats (especially fish), lots of veggies, fruit, beans and whole grains for a total of 5 meals and 1 or 2 with protein smoothies. For workout valentine, training is going to include three days of training with weights, 2 days of high intensity interval training and at least one session of hot yoga!

Now you have fulfilled your goals and are ready to have a rocking time with your Valentine.

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