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Cape Town’s Gorgeous White Sands

Cape Towns Gorgeous White Sands

Cape Towns Gorgeous White Sands

Tourists are always busy in touring new avenues and discovering unique beauties of the nature. For them, Cape Town’s white sand is not less than a treasure. It has been widely said and admitted that the beauty of Cape Town’s white sand is a million dollar view and deserve every possible admiration from every nook of the world. South Africa is blessed with the beautiful beaches and natural shores with utmost cleanliness whose beauty is enhanced by the eye catching white sands of the Cape Town. One of the most peculiar features of the Cape Town’s sand is its unique amalgamation of the two oceans: Indian Ocean and the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Unique Location of the Cape Town’s White sands

As mentioned, the Cape Town beaches presents beauty of the combined effect of the two oceans named Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The combination of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans add a lot to the natural scenery of the Cape Town. The heart catching beaches of the Cape Town lies on the western bank of the Atlantic Ocean forming Cape Peninsula. It would be unfair not to discuss the most lovable site of the Cape Town i.e. Clifton. The Clifton beach lies between the marvelous Sea point and the Camps Bay and the background scenery of the mountains makes it a heaven on the earth. When we talk about the white sands of the Cape Town, we actually talk about the scenery of the most glamorous beach of Cape Town named as Clifton.

Spectacular landscapes

No doubt, the Cape Town’s white sands is itself a rare scenery that can be hardly found outside the vicinity of the Cape Town in it’s really charm. Tourists believe that the landscapes of the Cape Town are not comprises of only White Sands but are also blessed with the refreshing sea beds, pleasant sea shores, natural cleanliness, pure water with pure and natural beauty and a healthy crowd which enhances the taste of visit to Cape Town’s white sands. It would not be incredible if you regard Cape Town as the one of the most pleasant and wonderful spot on the globe.

Wild Life on the White Sands

Cape Town’s white sands are not the traditional and artificial beaches but it is a natural blessing that has been bestowed on man to enjoy the heaven on the earth. On the warm end of the beach due to Indian Ocean, we can find African Penguin. This cute mammal gives the astonishing combination on humans and birds on the same spot. The said particular area is surrounded by the coves and is available to the visitors so that the people can enjoy the white sands with the penguin and make their visit quite unique from all those who happened to spend their time on the artificial and manmade beaches.

Entertainment on the White Sands of the Cape Town

While enjoying the natural shores and white sand of the Cape Town, one should not feel that he is being cut off from the modern world. The vast white sands accommodate the modern world with the natural world. There are a lot of opportunities for the entertainment. The beautiful camps bay of the Cape Town is one of the most clean, same and friendly beaches of the world. It is famous for the beach games like volley ball, boating, biking, or just hanging out. The said site is also famous for kite and wind surfing. Adjacent to the beach, we may find a long road full of hotels, cafes and restaurants. We can find their magnificent sunset views, white sands blossoms, cocktails party or even a mug of coffee.

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