Why Wear a Tie 4 Reasons a Tie Gets You Respect

Today, ties for men have gained immense importance across the globe, it is the accessory that is worn to suit taste, occasion and fashion. From a piece of fabric draped around the neck during the olden days, the tie has evolved into luxury wear. Its root is embedded deeply in history and an amalgamation of different cultures from numerous countries influenced the evolution of this particular men’s neckwear.

According to archaeologist, Chinese men were the first to wear tie. Neckties can be traced all the way back to about 200 BC during the period of Chinese dynasties. There are numerous ties for men, wedding ties for men, skinny ties for men, funny ties for men.

There are plain ties for men made up of silk or polyester made up of single colour. They can be a part of wedding ties which usually come in smooth satin, textured, smooth silk and woven silk and other wide range of colours. These ties for men could be worn for everyday use and are much popular for weddings.

Fashion ties are available in funky colours and have a specific pattern or design on them. These funny ties are normally printed and have a specific pattern or design on them. For example spots or stripes and tend to vary according to seasons. These ties are much similar to designer ties but at half the price.

Cartoon ties are also a part of funny ties for men and characters such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and South park are also a part of them. Novelty ties for men, skinny ties for men and funny ties for men are the most popular gifts for father’s day, birthdays and Christmas as well as fun gifts for those occasions when you don’t have the idea what to gift someone.

Novelty or themed ties usually depict a specific theme for example science, computers or music and these themes usually contain different styles and designs to choose from. The beauty factor of these ties is that they appeal directly to the recipient’s interest and you can’t go wrong with them.

Other ties include bow ties, clip-on ties, extra long ties, boys ties and cravats which works well with your needs and outfits. So visit your nearest shop and be the first to buy the very best trendy tie for your man.

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