Prince Harry saves Meghan Markle from ‘awkward’ position with royal family

 Prince Harry saves Meghan Markle from ‘awkward’ position with royal family


Prince Harry is reportedly eager to shield Meghan Markle from an “awkward” situation by arranging a meeting between her and the royal family in the UK. According to a source who spoke with OK! magazine, the Duke of Sussex finds himself torn between his loyalty to his wife and his desire to mend the rift with his family.

The source explained that Harry is deeply troubled by the ongoing feud between Meghan and the royals and wants to find a way to bridge the gap. “He feels a strong sense of loyalty to Meghan but also knows the importance of resolving the issues with his family,” the insider said.

“Harry is extremely loyal to Meghan and would never want to put her in an awkward position, and he understands why she would find it difficult to return to Britain – too much has happened to make her feel comfortable,” they shared. “He wants to see his father at this difficult time, and offer support to Charles and Kate, who he was once very close to.”

“In an ideal world, they would still be close to the royals and get support from them, but too much has happened, and they are both just sad that it’s all turned out like this. “Harry hopes that it can all be sorted out one day. He would never want to be in the position where he would have to choose between his wife and his family.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back from their royal duties in 2020 and relocated to California. Their decision, coupled with revealing interviews and Harry’s memoir Spare, has caused significant tension within the royal family. The strained relationship was further highlighted when Meghan chose not to attend King Charles III’s coronation, instead remaining in California with their children.

The source further elaborated on Harry’s desire to ease tensions, noting that he understands the potential discomfort Meghan might face if she were to return to the UK without a clear resolution to the ongoing feud. “Harry knows that any meeting with the royal family could be awkward for Meghan given everything that has happened,” the insider revealed. “But he believes that bringing her to the UK and facing the family together could be a step towards healing.”

Despite the challenging dynamics, Harry remains optimistic that a meeting could help alleviate some of the hostility and misunderstandings between Meghan and the royal family. However, arranging such a gathering is not without its obstacles, as tensions remain high between the Sussexes and key members of the royal family.

The strained relationship between Meghan and Prince William, for example, remains particularly challenging. William has reportedly been reluctant to engage with Harry following the revelations in Spare, which included criticisms of his brother’s behavior. Additionally, Meghan’s absence from significant royal events, such as the coronation and Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, has only deepened the divide.

However, Prince Harry remains committed to finding a path forward, both for the sake of his marriage and his relationship with the royal family. The source emphasized that Harry is desperate to avoid further alienating his wife from his family and hopes that a meeting could provide a starting point for reconciliation.

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