Age Discrimination in Workplace

Age DiscriminationThere are number of discrimination in the workplace. Racism and gender discrimination in the workplace are very common. There is a new type of discrimination in the workplace which is above all these discriminations in the workplace. This type of discrimination is age discrimination in the workplace. Yes, it is difficult to digest. Usually an employer looks for a worker who has the related experience in some particular field. Everybody knows that higher the experience more should be the demand of that worker. This idea is changing now. Age discrimination has started arising in number of workplaces. Unfortunately besides having proper experience in that field many workers are facing age discrimination in the workplace.

If anyone is facing age discrimination in the workplace then it is against his worker rights. That worker is eligible to sue that particular workplace who is involved in age discrimination in the workplace. According to law it is not allowed to any human resource manager to recruit or give appraisal on the basis of age factor alone. Workplaces tangled in age discrimination in the workplace may have to pay heavy penalties if any lawsuit is filed against them with proofs by any worked using his worker rights. Against age discrimination in the workplace employer can give excuse or claim that there company policy is to give

chance to younger people or they can also claim that senior members will feel discomfort with all the young workers. These all claims are worthless as compared to worker rights, and worker right is that if they are falling in the criteria then they should be hired.

Workplace should never compromise on worker rights. It is duty of all the employers that they should give chance to all the potential workers. If any worker is not falling in the job criteria then they cannot use worker right of age discrimination in the workplace. It will be unethical and no case will be filed against that workplace. It is also possible that case might be filed against that person who has used false worker right.

For workplace, to avoid age discrimination in the workplace they should give all workers their worker rights. Take all the decisions of hiring, compensating and appraisal on the basis of workers performance. This is employer duty and workers right. Employers should also keep check and balance on the human resource manager. If decision by human resource manager is taken fair-mindedly and justice is given to all the workers then not only that workplace will be protected from all the lawsuits its worker will also work efficiently.

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