Lincoln Project Stirs Buzz with Daring ‘Smell-Oriented’ Ad Campaign Against Trump

 Lincoln Project Stirs Buzz with Daring ‘Smell-Oriented’ Ad Campaign Against Trump

Brendan McDermid-Pool/Getty

The Lincoln Project, known for its critical stance against former President Trump, has recently launched a controversial advertisement. This move capitalizes on the growing social media buzz surrounding the #TrumpSmells hashtag.

Debuting on X, a platform succeeding Twitter, the ad comes with a cheeky caption, “Is that you Donald?” alongside the #TrumpSmells hashtag. Released on Saturday by the anti-Trump group, the ad has quickly garnered attention.

In a daring 40-second clip, viewers are presented with a montage of unpleasantly smelly scenarios such as garbage dumps, animal waste, soiled diapers, and moldy cheese. This montage is a clear jab at Trump, currently a leading figure in the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination race.

Titled “Limburger,” the ad was produced by the Lincoln Project, an organization founded mainly by Republicans with the goal of thwarting Trump’s White House aspirations.

The scenes are paired with an audio backdrop of someone reacting negatively to the foul odors. A highlight moment occurs with the depiction of Trump Tower, accompanied by a deep voice commenting on the former president’s alleged unpleasant smell.

Comedian Kathy Griffith’s voice features in the ad, describing Trump’s distinct odor as a mix of body scent and perfumed makeup.

The ad concludes with a woman’s voice reacting in disgust, followed by the sound of buzzing flies, and the rhetorical question, “Donald, is that you?”

The Hill has reportedly reached out to Trump’s campaign for comments on this provocative ad.

The hashtag “TrumpSmells” gained momentum following a post by former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), a known critic of Trump, on X earlier this month. Kinzinger expressed surprise over the lack of discussion regarding Trump’s alleged odor.

In response to Kinzinger’s remarks, a spokesperson for Trump retorted to the Independent, labeling Kinzinger as a disgraced and disrespectful individual embittered by his life’s trajectory.

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