Weekly Business Horoscopes – Nov. 10 – Nov. 16, 2014

Weekly business horoscope 2015

Your Business Horoscope looks at your Business potential for the week ahead. Wondering whether a new business opportunity is going to come your way? How are your job prospects shaping up? Select your Sun Sign from the list below to view your Horoscope.

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Aries Business Horoscope
Aries HoroscopeEver since Mars returned to your Business sector late last month he’s been moving closer towards Pluto, with the planets of war and revolution becoming part of the same team. In the early days of the week these two game changing planets finally align, with Mars’ passions and fighting spirit coming with Pluto’s revolutionary need for action, change and to shake things up. This is only the fourth time in your lifetime that these volatile planets have come together in your Business sector, with a chance to really grab your professional life by the horns and shake things up. The best part is that with a flotilla of planets passing through your Business sector between now and late January it’s not about closing the deal and more about getting the ball rolling, able to finish what you start.

Taurus Business Horoscope
Taurus HoroscopeWhile Mercury’s departure from your work sector over the weekend has brought all the planetary activity not only here but in both your professional houses to an end, this is in reality a short reprieve. With Mars returning to your Business sector early next month you’ve got less than 4 weeks to step back and let things settle. After 12 months of near continuous planetary activity in your work sector what you need is a chance to get off the treadmill, confident that you’ve created enough momentum. It’s the Moon’s position in your income sector as you move into the new week that not only allows you to focus more on income opportunities, but with a nose for money that holds clues to what lies ahead. For as work matters settle income and Business matters are building behind the scenes.

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Gemini Business Horoscope
Gemini HoroscopeMercury’s return to your work sector over the weekend allows you to move into the new week with your head in the game, but also with all your cards now on the table. With the Sun and Venus both leaving your work sector next week, this is the week when you’ve got your eyes open, head and heart in the game and the power to move mountains if you have to. While Saturn won’t leave your work sector until Christmas Eve, wrapping up your toughest, most challenging but also empowering years on the work front in decades, the professional gods have brought together the resources needed to bring things home. Even the Moon’s return to your income sector in the early days of the week will bring the nose for money needed to work smarter, with the professional tide starting to turn by the end of the week.

Cancer Business Horoscope
Cancer HoroscopeWith the Sun and Venus both returning to your work sector next week the pace is not only set to pick up on the work front, once it does it’s going to stay at that level for months, if not years. While it might seem that you’re preparing for your annual update, with life always getting busier on the work front in the final 6 weeks of the year, you are in fact preparing for one of your biggest pushes in 3 decades, one that once it finally locks into place just before Christmas won’t run its course until December 2017. This makes it essential to work with Ceres as she spends her last week on her own in your work sector, on a mission to redefine your work priorities, especially in terms of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. A nose for money mid week will come in handy.

Leo Business Horoscope
Leo HoroscopeYour week is off to an extremely busy start, making it important to not only hold onto the professional instincts triggered by last week’s Full Moon in your Business sector, but to use the momentum created. The Moon only left your Business sector on Saturday after Friday’s Full Moon, so this is creating a whole new energy as you move into this new working week, to a point where you’re able to make a fresh start. Ready to catch that ball and run with it are Mars and Pluto, aligned in your work sector into the early days of the week, bringing the confidence, drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit to push through any barriers and make things happen. What last week’s Full Moon started is set to have a ripple effect on the work front this week, with big changes possible.

Virgo Business Horoscope
Virgo HoroscopeMoving into the new working week with the Moon in your Business sector is always going to be an advantage, especially as you have no planetary activity in either of your professional houses. This will ensure your professional instincts are sharp and you have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground from the get go, just as a real push on the income front ran its course over the weekend. Yet as well as providing clues on how to best get a jump on this current week, there will be clues to something building behind the scenes. This is the Moon’s last visit to your Business sector before returning early next month as a Full Moon and before Mars returns to your work sector to give work matters a push. It’s clear that the professional gods are still holding some wildcards up their sleeves.

Libra Business Horoscope
Libra Horoscope While there is a lot of focus on income matters this week, professional matters are likely to be more subtle and purposely so. This is one week where the professional gods are not only happy to hand the floor over to the money gods, knowing what a pivotal week this is for income matters, but where they’re playing support. With Neptune and Chiron both in retrograde motion in your work sector and both slowing down to a crawl, it might seem like work matters have become stuck of stalled, but purposely so. It’s the Moon’s return to your Business sector in the early days of the week that will ensure your professional instincts are sharp as you reach a stunning point of the year for income matters, but also as you near a turning point on the work front.

Scorpio Business Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope Chances are there is a ‘lull before the storm’ feel to the week, with a sense of anticipation telling you that you’re waiting for something, without knowing what. With this comes a warning to guard against filling in the blanks and misinterpreting a sense of excitement for a sense of anxiety, especially as they can often feel the same. Right now the professional gods are acting as support players for some stunning developments on the income front from early next week, something that you’ve already had a chance to prepare for, by creating some cracks in any glass ceilings. It’s the Moon’s return to your Business sector mid week and a chance to tap into your professional instincts that will provide clues to what’s unfolding and that it’s becoming more about where the money is.

Sagittarius Business Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope Thanks to last week’s Full Moon in your work sector, something that only ran its course on Saturday, you’re not only moving into the new week with a much better read on work matters, but with some real momentum that you’re able to work with. This comes not only during a week but a point in the year when the professional gods are standing aside and having done their job, it’s now up to the money gods to focus on bringing home the money. It’s an alignment between Mars and Pluto in your income sector in the early days of the week that creates the potential to breakthrough some glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind. While this may create some financial tension you’re able to use that as motivation, especially to capture anything triggered by last week’s Full Moon.

Capricorn Business Horoscope
Capricorn HoroscopeMoving into the new week with the Moon in your work sector is always going to be an advantage, especially as Mercury left your Business sector on Sunday. With 12 months of near continuous planetary activity in your Business sector having ended less than 24 hours before you moved into the new week, having your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground is going to not only extract as much insight as possible, but provide some clues on where to from here. With Business forces retaining a natural sense of momentum and a life of their own and the Moon returning to your work sector early next month as a Full Moon, it’s important that you don’t over think things. This is more about listening to your intuition and getting a feel for which way the currents are moving and aligning yourself with them.

Aquarius Business Horoscope
Aquarius HoroscopeWhile a solar eclipse in your Business sector late last month brought your professional year to a real tipping or turning point, this more assuming week is where everything finally comes together. It was back on the 24th October that the Sun, Venus and the Moon all returned to your Business sector, with a solar eclipse in their early hours providing some timely momentum as Saturn moved into the final 2 months of a journey that began in October 2012. A lot of water has passed under the bridge even in the few weeks since then, but it’s only now, with Mercury’s return over the weekend that you’re able to get your head in the game and start wrapping things up. With the Sun and Venus both leaving next week, Mercury at the end of the month and Saturn on Christmas Eve, it’s time to bring things home.

Pisces Business Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope You’re at a point in the year where you’re a week away from the start of what will always be your annual update and the most important weeks of the year on the Business front, yet so far this is anything but an ordinary year and it’s set to stay that way. For one thing you’ve already had Mars move through, firing up your passions and fighting spirit and for the first time since 2010 Ceres is here, bringing a chance to redefine your definition of success. For the first time since 2003 you’ve also got lucky Jupiter in your work sector and with what is due to unfold on the Business front over the coming months bigger than anything seen in decades, it’s no wonder you need to take the time to define your priorities and your whole definition of success as you prepare for what the future holds.

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