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World’s Most Expensive Tuna Sells for $1.7 Million in Japan

World’s Most Expensive Tuna Sells

World’s Most Expensive Tuna FishIn $1.7 million you could get a $400,000 Rolls Royce or a Birkin Bag or even a limited edition Montegrappa Pen. However for Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of the Sushi Zanmai chain $1.7 million bought him a 489lb Bluefin tuna. Mr.Kimura beat his own record setting price from last year, which was for a $736,000 Bluefin tuna. Seafood is quickly becoming an expensive market with a rare golden fish being sold to a Chinese businessman for $38,000. The opening auction at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market is usually marked by high bids, the bids do not necessarily represent the quality or size of the fish, but are instead more of a publicity stunt to set the tone for the upcoming business year. This years prizewinner the Bluefin tuna was actually 47 kg lighter than last years record breaking tuna. This auction is of course mired in controversy as environmentalists continue to raise concerns about the sustainability of this expensive fish.

There has been a continuous decline in Pacific Bluefin tuna, with Japan consuming over half the world’s Bluefin catch. At $3,500 per pound, even Kimura admits that the price is perhaps “a bit high”. Mr.Kimura immediately carted his incredibly expensive fish to a nearby branch of his Sushi Zanmai Chain. The auctions and record-breaking prices are sure to encourage tourist activity in the district.

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