5 Simple And Effective Ways To Cleanse Your Bowels

 5 Simple And Effective Ways To Cleanse Your Bowels

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Cleanse Your Bowels

According to studies released by the Mayo Clinic, more people are suffering from gastrointestinal problems today than at any time in our past. The reason for all these issues is because the modern food supply that people consume today is severely lacking in the nutrients that are required for promoting healthy digestion.

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Add into the mix that each year people are inundated with toxic vaccines, pesticides, and prescribed medications, and you can see why gut health issues are on the rise. The good news however is you can make small changes to your diet that will help to combat your unhealthy digestive issues.

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Cleanse Your Bowels
5 Simple And Effective Ways To Cleanse Your Bowels

It doesn’t really take that much added effort to have a huge positive impact on your digestive health. Simply incorporate many of the following foods in with your dinner and you will notice a considerable difference in how your body digests and eliminates waste. Consider these five simple and effective ways to cleanse your bowels so you can restore that healthy gut.

1. Eating More Avocados

If you want to effectively cleanse your bowels, nothing works are fast as eating avocados. These little green powerhouses are exceptional for your digestion system and for detoxification. The avocado is rich in fiber, and has a unique insoluble and soluble ration of one to three. The insoluble fiber promotes a cleansing of the bowels and can even reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. The soluble fiber content of the avocado is essential for absorbing water and helping to bind with other digestive substances to allow particles to move down the digestive tract more easily. This gelling effect will allow you to maintain regular bowel movements and prevent any buildup of dangerous toxins that may lead to constipation or irregularity.

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2. Drinking More Water Everyday 

By now you have already heard about how drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for the body. This is especially true when it comes to ways to cleanse your bowels. According to research conducted at the Digestive Disease Institute, the more hydrated your colon, the more healthy your colon and entire digestive system. When you are not getting the right amount of water in your body, it can lead to perpetual dehydration. If you are depriving the body of water and dehydration sets in, it can then lead to a toxic buildup and constipation. When the particles in your bowels are not absorbing water, they dry out and harden, and then it becomes a struggle to move your bowels. Avoid serious ailments to the digestive system setting in by simply drinking more water each day. Try water-soluble fruits like watermelon to help get that recommended daily allowance of water to the parts of the body that need it most.

3. An Apple a Day

Your doctor wasn’t kidding when he told you as a child that an apple a day will keep your doctor away. This is true when it comes to your bowels too, the apple has properties that can cleanse the bowels and colon effectively. Many of the advanced digestive cleaning protocols include apple juice, apple sauce, whole apples, and many other variations of apples. The apple is extremely high in fiber and pectin, which acts like a thickening component in your gut to help move along waste though the digestive system. One of the most powerful ways to cleanse your bowels is eat more apples each day, it can help to remove all those built-up toxins and help to strengthen your intestinal lining. Drop those sugary soft drinks for apple juice, eat applesauce instead of your sugary cereals, and much on some apple slices instead of hitting the candy machine on your lunch break at work.

4. Eating Chia and Flax Seeds

If you are looking to improve your gut health, eating chia and flax seeds will certainly go a long way in promoting optimal digestive health. Both the chia and the flax seeds are rich in fiber and fat, which are essential for cleansing the colon and promoting a healthy digestive system. Both of these seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and according to research conducted at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida, can stabilize cell walls and help to reduce inflammation too. Both of these seeds also have a unique blending of soluble fiber that binds with foods to help improve the digestive process. The omega-3 in these seeds are effective at combating one of the biggest issues in digestive heath, and that is inflammation.

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5. Stopping by the Produce Department

Taking time each day you visit the local supermarket to shop in the produce section can go a long way in promoting optimal digestive health. The majority of foods in the produce section like green vegetables and fruits and rich in chlorophyll and promote the healthy cleansing of your colon. Incorporate some of the following fruits and veggies in your diet and you will notice an improvement in your gut health right away. Many of these vegetables can be added to a small salad for dinner like cabbage, asparagus, green olives, spinach, peas, and collard greens. Each is rich in chlorophyll and will cleanse the digestive tract more regularly and even detoxify your liver when more toxins are trapped. Boosting your green veggie and fruit intake will help to improve your gut health and promote maximum colon health.

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