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How to Make The Perfect Hot Sandwich

Perfect Hot Sandwich

Perfect Hot SandwichTo make the perfect hot sandwich is not less than an art as many factors contribute in converting an ordinary sandwich into a perfect one. For instance the quality of bread, the exact time for toasting the bread, the quantity of butter applied the way your fillet is grilled, and so much more!

In order to find the answer of how to make the perfect hot sandwich, following recommendations might work for you!

  • To make the perfect hot sandwich, choose the bread with the best aroma. It is wisely said that the bread’s quality is judged by its aroma and crackling sound. Fresh breads are sure to produce a crispy crackling sound when folded. Crisp, crusty bread with a soft crumb – like a baguette – is the ideal foundation for the perfect sandwich.

  • To toast the bread, put it on a preheated non stick grill pan so that it doesn’t stick.

  • Never forget to apply a thin layer of butter or margarine on each side of the bread slice whenever you make the perfect hot sandwich. You can also use butter on one side and mustard on the other. It adds to the aroma of a good sandwich. Butter spread prevents the bread slices from soaking access moisture as well.

  • The art to make the perfect hot sandwich includes the architectural design of your hot sandwich and the ingredients you choose to fill in the sandwich. The combined aroma should be such that all the flavors complement each other instead of destroying the taste and nullifying the aroma of other ingredients.

  • The fillers with strong smells like smoked salmon or strong cheese should be placed in the bottom of the sandwich so that the strong aroma subtle down.

  • How to make the perfect hot sandwich includes an adequately grilled fillet if you are meat lover. To grill the fillet, your grill pan should be hot and well greased. You can keep checking if the fillet is grilled or not by pressing it. Appropriately grilled fillets have elasticity, adequate moisture content and a nice color when removed from the grill pan.

  • Salad is a major ingredient that works to convert an ordinary sandwich into a perfect hot sandwich. Green lettuce, cucumber, tomato slices and any other salad ingredient of your choice is a compulsory ingredient when define a perfect sandwich.

  • To make the perfect hot sandwich, add a big bed of fresh salad and herbs in the center of your sandwich. It adds to the munching and relishing experience of every bite, letting you enjoy every flavor and satisfying your hunger.

Hope you know how to make the perfect hot sandwich by now!

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