Las Vegas to Unveil Immersive John Wick-themed Attraction and Dive into the World of Keanu Reeves’ Iconic Character

 Las Vegas to Unveil Immersive John Wick-themed Attraction and Dive into the World of Keanu Reeves’ Iconic Character

Photo by Lionsgate/Area 15/Deadline

Las Vegas is gearing up to welcome a new and thrilling attraction for movie enthusiasts and fans of the action-packed John Wick series. The John Wick Experience, slated to open its doors at Area15, aims to plunge visitors into the adrenaline-fueled universe of Keanu Reeves’ legendary hitman character.

Covering an expansive area of 12,000 square feet, the attraction is designed to bring the fictional world of The Continental Hotel to life. This hotel is famously known as a sanctuary for the film’s criminal elite. Guests will be treated to a thematic bar and a retail store, enhancing the immersive experience.

The attraction promises an engaging adventure, allowing visitors to embody the role of John Wick, experiencing the blend of fantasy, action, and peril firsthand. This unique opportunity is brought to life through a collaboration between Chad Stahelski, the director behind the John Wick series, and Egan Productions, renowned for their work on themed escape rooms inspired by popular films like Saw, Blair Witch, and The Hunger Games.

The experience is interactive at its core, with guests embarking on tailored missions, uncovering secrets, and gaining access to exclusive areas, all while interacting with actors in a dynamic theatrical setting.

In other exciting news, Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his role in the upcoming installment of the franchise, Ballerina, directed by Len Wiseman. The film, which is scheduled for release in US and UK theaters on June 7, will see Reeves’ character clash with Ana de Armas’ Rooney, a character introduced in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

Beyond the silver screen, Reeves is keeping busy with a role in Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut, Good Fortune, sharing the spotlight with Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogen, and Keke Palmer. Not limiting his talents to acting, Reeves’ alternative rock band Dogstar is set to embark on a European and UK tour, starting in Madrid on May 30.

Adding to his accolades, Reeves is a nominee for two awards at the 49th People’s Choice Awards: Male Movie Star of the Year and Action Movie Star of the Year. The awards ceremony is scheduled to air this Sunday on NBC, celebrating the achievements of entertainers across various genres.

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