Taylor Momsen Hurts Her Parents

Pretty Reckless rocker Taylor Momsen passed inflammatory statement about her parents and childhood that her parents felt horrible after reading the interview.

The gossip girl actress gushed in interview, “My parents signed me up with Ford (Modeling) at the age of 2, no 2-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice. My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didn’t have friends. I was working constantly and I didn’t have a real life.”

These were the words that hurt her parents but now she is apologizing to them saying, “I love my mom and dad. Maybe I didn’t have the childhood people think you should have, but I still went through the ages,” she explained. “I was still a child. Maybe it wasn’t a conventional one, but you know… I like where I am now, so it’s OK. I think my parents have learned by this point that none of (what they read) is probably true, and words can be put in your mouth.”

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