Brad Pitt

 Brad Pitt

brad pittBrad Pitt has managed to capture the hearts of millions of his fans across the world because of his superb acting and stylish dressing that deems him as style icon for youth.

Brad Pitt is mostly known for his experimental hairstyle and dressing as he continues to re-invent his look for different roles in the movies. This fashion icon has inspired the fashion gurus. From fashionable accessories to trendy shirts, Brad has always something innovative to offer to the world of fashion and style.

Brad knows what to wear on which occasion. From worn-out T-shirts to faded jeans, the style icon carries him effortlessly and set the wheel of trend setting rolling. There have been times when Brad has been spotted flirting with smart and sexy Dior suits and lean ties, Ralph Lauren couture and ties or with an amazing Versace for formal and informal occasions. He is crazy about stylish designer shades and prefers wearing black and amber tinted modern shapes from Dior.

If you check out the wardrobe of this style icon, you will find that whenever he is dressed in a formal suit, a gauzy shirt or a jersey knit shirt, he is careful to match his clothes with the right accessories. A pair of trendy sunglasses forms an important part of his accessory. Whenever he wears an overcoat, he never forgets to flaunt with the collar of his branded shirt and prefers to keep the first button of his shirt always open.

Brad Pitt has endorsed many international Fashion brands like TAG Heuer and is a brand ambassador for Voluntary Organizations like Global Green. His hairstyle keeps on changing. He has managed to look cool in all his hairstyles. Keeping in view his craze for ‘experimental look’ from a short crop to long flowing hair, the style icon continues to won the hearts of many.

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