Meghan Markle Has Moved on from the Royal Family, Insider Confirms She Doesn’t Want Anything to Do with It

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle (image credit: Getty Images)

In an interview with PEOPLE, author Omid Scobie discussed the changing relationships within the British royal family, focusing on Meghan Markle’s departure and Prince Harry’s ongoing challenges.

Meghan Markle, 42, has intentionally distanced herself from royal duties to focus on her family and future with Prince Harry.

Scobie, an expert on the royal family, notes that Meghan has definitively left the royal world behind. According to Scobie, Meghan’s sources indicate her disinterest in maintaining ties with the royal family, as she concentrates on her life and family with Prince Harry.

Prince Harry, however, is still dealing with unresolved issues, particularly with the media. Scobie highlights the complexity of Harry’s situation, underscoring his need to disentangle himself from past connections while continuing his personal battles with the press.

Scobie suggests that Harry’s challenge is to strike a balance that allows him to work in a space unconnected to his past. The strained relationship between Prince William and Harry is also a subject of Scobie’s insights.

He points out that William, 41, is deeply committed to the monarchy and has even collaborated with the British press, potentially to Harry’s detriment. Scobie observes a shift in William’s priorities and warns that internal royal family issues could affect the monarchy’s public image.

Scobie notes a general feeling of indifference towards Harry and Meghan within the royal household, indicating a lack of concern for their opinions. He emphasizes that the royal family has moved on and seeks no further contact with Harry or Meghan, treating their sentiments as irrelevant.

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