How to Know if She Likes You

How many times have you been wondering for hours if she likes you? How many times have you asked your friends to tell you if they could see in her eyes that she likes you? How many times have you resisted asking her out because you were not sure that she likes you or just being polite to you? If the answer to the above questions is yes, this piece of writing is going to help you out.

I know it would be just a dream come true if she just says it right away but this is just a dream because a girl is never going to say that she likes you right away. You will have to notice her words and body language to know if she likes you or not. She might only give subtle signals but if you see them right, they’ll say a lot. Keep your eyes wide open and look for the following signals that never lie.

If she asks you “do you have a girlfriend”

If a woman likes a man she will definitely try to find out if he has a girlfriend or not. Some confident women might ask straight away in obvious simple words but some might just talk about things that may give her an indication of the man’s relationship status. If you just finished a story about a concert or a movie she might ask you who you went with. So keep your ears and eyes wide open and look for signals that tell you is she likes you.

She likes your jokes even if they are not funny

If a girl is enjoying talking to you the best indication to it is if she laughs at your jokes. Sitting with a smile on her face and paying attention to what you are saying says in itself that I like you. Girls usually do not laugh at a dumb joke but if they do at yours it means they like you.

If she gives you contact number

There is no more direct signal to tell you if she likes you than giving her number to you. If a girl gives you her number or some other contact information it means that she likes you and she looks forward to talking to you and takes this little conversation to the next step.

She introduces you to her friends and family

If a girl likes you she will introduce you to her friends and family. It means that she enjoys your company and she wants to show you off. If you can get these four signals, then there is no doubt in saying that she likes you. So be confident and ask her out, her answer will be a definite yes

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