Am I In A Healthy Relationship

 Am I In A Healthy Relationship

am-i-in-a-healthy-relationshipMaking it easier to keep a healthy and good relationship between two individuals. Such a question arises when two individuals are into a relationship and they want it to be stronger with time. A healthy relationship is the most things in a happy and productive life. Although, each individual is different than the other still they can develop a good relationship if there is true love and trustworthiness involved   among both of them.

In today s world, where there s is violence, cruelty, killings and miseries all around us, having a good and healthy relationship is very essential. Such a relationship brings happiness and good health in our life. Basically what we need to understand is that “What is a healthy relationship?”

Healthy Relationship is being open and realistic with your partner; avoid being rigid at times specially in tough situations .Flexibility within each other would be helpful to deal with all sorts of situations. Sharing, talking and caring about each other is also a guide to a good relationship.

Here are a few way outs to keep a healthy and good relationship:

  • Avoid unlimited expectations from your partner – Try being close to reality; accept your partner with his/her strengths and weaknesses. Don t try to change them rather accept them as they are.
  • There shouldn’t be any sort of communication gap between a couple as this creates a lot misunderstandings between each other. Talk to each other. Give each other some quality time. Share the thoughts and opinions of your better half.
  • Healthy relationships usually get affected when any sort of change occurs in their lives. Try being flexible enough to absorb such changes.
  • Conflicts are natural. Disagreeing with one another does not actually mean that the love has reduced between the two of you but it can just be a difference of opinion.
  • Avoid criticism. Discuss the problem; concentrate on it rather than blaming each other. Do not impose your thoughts and feelings on the other person.
  • Try admitting your mistake and resolving the problem as soon as possible. Because prolonged issues brings about destruction in a healthy relationship.
  • Avoid grudges. Don t hold to past mishaps and move forward with positivity.

As a result, healthy relationship means good building of relations by being open and realistic all the time, pretending won’t help out, be yourself and live happy!

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