7 Ultimate Beginners Workout For Men At Home

 7 Ultimate Beginners Workout For Men At Home

7 Ultimate Beginners Workout For Men At Home

Maintaining a good workout routine is an ideal way to stay in shape and is very important for men as well as women. There are many advantages of working out daily such as improved strength, more muscle tone and definition.

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Moreover, good workout routines can help keep your body fat levels in check as well as promoting better sleep at night. If you are planning to start a workout routine at home, below are some simple workout suggestions that can cover fitness for the entire body.

Beginners Workout
7 Ultimate Beginners Workout For Men At Home

Jumping Jacks

It may sound old fashioned. It is one of the exercises that kids do, but believe it or not it is an excellent warm up exercise. One can start the day with few sets of jumping jacks to get the body warmed up for serious workout routine. Moreover, the jumping jacks exercise is good for the cardiovascular body area and is a form of plyometric exercise.

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Walking is simple but also one of the most advantageous exercises. This is a simple thing which can be done in the morning. In the morning, the air is fresh and pure and if the weather is good, one can walk by to nearby places such as the local store. It is also a good way to travel shorter distances while burning calories at the same time. Walking outside is an interesting exercise and once you get used to it, you can also do the long mile walks with earphones in ears listening to music. In case of unpleasant weather, one can walk at home with some repetitions of walking up and down the stairs. It is important to get your heart pumping for realistic effect. One can climb the stairway fast to achieve this.

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Running in Place

Running in a place is one of the exercises one can do at home as part of good workout routine. This exercise can get your heart pumping quickly and one can do it watching TV or listening to music. In order to gain maximum possible benefits, one must run at a brisk pace. Moreover, the overall running time should be increased on regular occasions in order to improve stamina.

Step Exercises

Step Exercises

This is one of the more effective routine exercises with great cardio benefits. This exercises are performed on a flight of stairs. All you need to do is step one foot up two stairs and then bring the other foot to join it on the step. Then reverse the movement by bringing one foot back to the start and then bring in the other foot to the start also. Then keep repeating this set of movements. Increase pace and exercising over time. Try to do it at a higher intensity to gain benefits.

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Push Ups

Push ups are one of the best exercises to develop arm, chest as well as shoulder muscles. For those who find it difficult, one can do them with the knees touching the ground. Once stronger, perform the press ups without the knees touching the ground. One can increase the number of push up sets with time for a more challenging workout and in order to gain better results.

Leg Raises

Leg Raises

Leg raises is one of the exercises that will tone the abdominal muscles. One needs to simply lie on ground flat and raise legs (from the hip and keeping the legs straight) about 12 inches from ground. Hold the legs in air for about 10-15 seconds at least. Repeat 5 – 10 times and increase that number when it gets too easy. 

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Crunches are good for midsection toning. To perform this exercise one needs to lie on their back with the knees up and feet firmly on the floor. Then try to lift the back off the floor at 45 degrees. Return to starting position and repeat. One must keep feet flat in exercise. It is one of the easier exercises which is also good for developing the abs. This are some of the best and the ultimate beginners workouts for men who are looking for good routine to stay fit and improve their strength. Keep visiting for more articles on men’s fitness.

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