5 Exercises You Can Do While at Work

 5 Exercises You Can Do While at Work

Exercises at WorkWorking people can be busy anywhere including their own homes. No one can find enough time to join gym and do workout in the extensive office hours.. There can be numerous reasons for not being able to join a gym. But there shouldn’t be an excuse for not exercising without going to a gym.

You need to get some time out for yourself out of your busy routine and that time can be as short as 15-25 minutes. Yes! Less than 30 minutes and that’s it. It’s just that you need to convince your mind that you HAVE to work out session to stay fit and healthy, no matter what.  There are some simple ways to exercise staying at home or at office but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get yourself in the gym. Try going to gym if not do that at your place!

All you need to do is to gear yourself up for an exercise by putting your joggers on. Half of the job is done when you put the exercise shoes on. There are a lot of exercises that you can do without having any kind of equipment with equal efficiency.  For example you can do the basic exercises like:

  • Squats

Squat is a full body exercise that prepares mainly the thighs muscles, hips quads, and hamstrings. It also strengthens the bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons right through the lower cavity.

  • Push-ups

A push-up also known as ‘press-up’ is a common aerobic exercise executed in a flat position by lifting and lowering the body using the arms while the hands on the floor. Push-ups exercise the triceps, pectoral muscles and anterior deltoids

  • Lunges

A lunge is an exercise in which one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground while the other leg is positioned behind. It is used by sports persons in working out for sports and by weight lifters as fitness training.

  • Plank pose

Details of the plank pose can be seen anywhere on the web. It’s extremely easy and as effective as crunches. It strengthens the arms, wrists and the spine. It also tones the abdomen.

  • Bicycle Crunches

The bicycle crunches exercises the rectus abdominals and the obliques. Also, the rectus abdominals can be exercise a simple crunch.  Almost every part of the muscle becomes visible if one continues this exercise for a longer time. Separation of six packs can also be seen as a result.

Only one can do these 5 exercises while they are at work, the best part about these exercises is that women can also practice them at work if they have a personal work space or recreational area.  It’s better if you do these exercises in the morning. Now the workouts you can do with only a pair of dumbbells and a bench which are easily available in the market:

CHEST: Incline Dumbbell Press, Dumbbell Flys

BICEPS: Dumbbell Curls

LEGS: Dumbbell Squats, Dumbbell Lunges

TRICEPS: Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

BACK: Bent Over Dumbbell Rows, Dumbbell Pullovers

You’ll find several online tutorials for home based work outs. Simply use YouTube for that and enjoy a healthy exercise resulting in a healthy body. Just be careful with the timings and don’t stress yourself while exercising. If you have some problem with the muscles or not able to workout do ask your physician to recommend you the exercises you can do. For older men, the only exercise which is recommended is to walk and walk as much as you can. Make it your routine!

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