Achieve 10,000 Steps Even While You’re Stuck at Home this Quarantine

 Achieve 10,000 Steps Even While You’re Stuck at Home this Quarantine

You all might be confined to your space at home for this period of time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t move your body and get the daily steps you are otherwise do. Agreed that you might not have the option of a larger office space or an evening walk post-work hours, but you’ve still got to make the most of your space at home. You ask how? We’ve got you some tips on how you can still get those 10,000 steps at the comfort of your home.

Get up, a lot

Since you guys are working from home, you might end up sitting in just that one spot for longer hours. This is when you should know that you must get up a lot of times and walk around. Take breaks, get up to drink water, go to the loo, take a meal break, move around every few minutes.

Play with the kids in the house: If you’re lucky to have some tiny tots in the house, it’s going to be the most active fun ride. Play games with them where you focus on moving around. This will count as steps too.

Talk and walk

If you’re on a meeting call or even just gossiping with your friends over a video call, make sure you’re walking and talking. This will keep those legs moving and you will remain active.


Nothing like dancing your heart out. Put on your favourite song and dance it off. Once you’re done with work, crank up that volume and enjoy some dancing. It will help you destress and more importantly get you those extra steps while you’re at home.

Track your steps

If you really need some motivation, you need to track your steps to know how many you achieved and how many more you need to. Download an app that will track your steps and get going with it. This way you will keep active and get those 10,000 steps while you’re confined to your home space.

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