Woman Allegedly Poisons Husband Under Influence of Fake Celebrity

 Woman Allegedly Poisons Husband Under Influence of Fake Celebrity

Photo: Roxanne Doucette / Facebook / CBS

In Townsend, Massachusetts, Roxanne Doucette faces attempted murder charges, accused of trying to poison her husband, Paul Doucette, with tainted soup. This bizarre case, as reported by WCVB, involves Doucette allegedly being manipulated by someone impersonating soap opera star Thorsten Kaye.

The investigation began on December 3, sparked by a call from Doucette’s daughter, Nicole Heath, to the police. Heath expressed concerns about her father’s sudden hospitalization and suspicious messages on her mother’s phone. These messages, believed to be part of a financial scam, also contained alarming conversations suggesting Roxanne Doucette was being persuaded to harm her husband.

According to police documents, a message from the person posing as “Thorsten” urged Doucette to get rid of her husband. In response, Doucette mentioned making a special soup for him. Later, she hinted at the possibility of collecting life insurance following her husband’s illness.

When Paul Doucette regained consciousness, he described the soup his wife made as bitter-tasting, raising further suspicions. Despite the toxicology test coming back negative for certain substances, the circumstances led to Roxanne Doucette’s arrest.

In her defense, Doucette denied any intention to harm her husband, attributing his condition to a possible mini-stroke. She also admitted to being scammed out of $8,000 by the fake Thorsten Kaye, insisting she never planned to leave her husband.

Doucette now faces charges of attempted murder, intimidation of a witness, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer. Additionally, she was charged with violating a protective order after contacting her husband against court orders.

This complex case has taken a twist with Roxanne Doucette’s court date set for January 11, as the investigation continues into the peculiar circumstances surrounding the alleged poisoning attempt.

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