Kylie Jenner Responds to Timothee Chalamet Pregnancy Rumours with Very Telling New Pics

 Kylie Jenner Responds to Timothee Chalamet Pregnancy Rumours with Very Telling New Pics

Kylie Jenner/instagram

On Thursday evening, Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram Stories to share a series of new videos, captivating her massive following with her latest fashion choices. The 26-year-old mogul showcased her svelte figure in a white crop top from her own brand, Khy, paired with high-waisted, acid-washed blue denim jeans.

The videos clearly showed her toned and flat stomach, effectively silencing the recent rumors speculating that she might be expecting another child, this time with her 28-year-old boyfriend, actor Timothee Chalamet. In the shared clips, Kylie alternated her look between the chic white top with jeans and a dark ensemble, both of which highlighted her trim physique, dispelling any notions of a pregnancy. As a prominent figure constantly under the scrutiny of the public eye, Jenner’s posts are often parsed for hints about her personal life.

However, these latest videos left little room for doubt regarding her physical condition—she appeared decidedly not pregnant. Kylie Jenner, a billionaire entrepreneur and socialite, is already a mother to two children with 32-year-old rapper Travis Scott—Stormi, who is six, and Aire. The swirl of pregnancy rumors began earlier this month, instigated by comments made by comedian Daniel Tosh on his podcast, the Tosh Show.

Despite the comedian’s provocative claim about Jenner expecting Chalamet’s child, sources close to Jenner clarified to Us Weekly that she is not pregnant. These insiders also reinforced that Jenner and Chalamet are still in a relationship, albeit long-distance, as Chalamet has been engaged in filming in Manhattan.

‘Here’s something crazy. I went to the grocery store in Malibu, and I was talking to an employee there. I try to avoid it but I was talking to this guy, and I said, “Why were you guys closed yesterday?”‘ “Well I’m not supposed to discuss it,”‘ Tosh claims the worker responded, alleging the Kardashian-Jenner crew were filming the Season 5 finale of their show at the store. ‘Spoiler alert. This random grocery store person is telling me that they rented out the entire store, shut it down and then, they acted like they were grocery shopping.

Kylie resides in California with her children, while Timothee has been busy on the East Coast, working on his latest project, “A Complete Unknown,” a biopic focusing on the life of music legend Bob Dylan, with filming locations spread across New York City and New Jersey. The details shared by Tosh were particularly sensational, suggesting that Jenner had orchestrated a scene at a grocery store in Malibu to reveal her purported pregnancy—a story he admitted was unverified and sourced from a grocery store employee.

Since their relationship became public in April 2023, Kylie and Timothee have faced considerable public attention. They made their first official appearance together in August at Beyoncé’s birthday Renaissance concert in Los Angeles. Although the couple has not been seen together since their affectionate appearance at the Golden Globe Awards on January 7, insiders confirmed to DailyMail in March that the pair were still an item.

Sources indicated that the duo had opted to step back from the limelight to shield their relationship from overwhelming media coverage, particularly as Chalamet was concerned that the publicity surrounding their relationship could overshadow his role in the upcoming film “Dune 2.” Thus, despite the rampant speculation and the pressures of a high-profile romance, Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet continue to navigate their relationship, maintaining a balance between their professional commitments and personal lives.

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